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What is the best rig for snapper? How do I tie a dropper loop? What's the best rig for wharf fishing with the kids? What's the best softbait to use? This section is a complete guide to our major inshore recreational species for beginners and experienced fisho’s alike.

For each species, learn more about where to find them and the best techniques, rigs and knots to use to catch them.

New Zealand's saltwater anglers most targetted species. Great eating. [Click for the full article]

Yellowtail kingfish have a deserved reputation for being tough fighters and are a fair match for most anglers on standard gear. Food quality is excellent.  [Click for the full article]

Tarakihi (Terakihi)

Inhabit areas of low broken foul and eaten fresh are sensational.  [Click for the full article]

Found on the sand and sediment and wonderful eating.  [Click for the full article]

Inhabit our waters from Stewart island to the Three Kings. Delicate flakey flesh.  [Click for the full article]

Will often be caught on a livebait or lure. A firm flesh - great eating.  [Click for the full article]

The people's fish. Caught all around New Zealand and while often smoked, underated as a fish to be eaten fresh just grilled or fried in butter.  [Click for the full article]

Prevalent in Central and southern NZ. Good eating.  [Click for the full article]

From the top of the south island north. Excellent cooked and as sashimi.  [Click for the full article]

Deepwater reef species - 250m plus. Sensational eating.  [Click for the full article]

Deepwater denizens. Grow to 80kg or more and highly prized on any table.  [Click for the full article]

Mid to deepwater dwellers. Not commonly caught but a prize when you do.  [Click for the full article]

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Major Bites

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