The Fishing Website went live in 1997 to cater for the recreational anglers in New Zealand and to provide information for international visitors looking for more background on our fantastic fishery.

Around a million New Zealanders fish twice or more each year in and The Fishing Website provides much of the information and services required to make their experience as safe, enjoyable and productive as possible.

The Fishing Website is now New Zealand's leading fishing website in terms of traffic and quality of content. We work closely with NZ's main fishing related organisations such as the NZ SportFishing Council, and various publications such as NZ Fishing News to keep content fresh and relevant. The Fishing Website reached a "Magic Million" visits for the first time in a calendar year in 2008 and in 2014 received over 3.4 million visits.

The site contains reports and news sent in from charter operators and fishing guides from around the country; Best Bite imes, up to the minute weather; tide and moon phase information; advice and information from the some of our leading fishing writers; a comprehensive listing of charter operators; contact details for fishing clubs and a very active and informed fishing discussion forum.

We welcome any feedback you may have.
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FC 390 - New Engine
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Smoked Maple Bourbon Wings
Smoked Maple Bourbon Wings   ...
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Manukau Harbour & West Coast fishing
Even the sharks are happy in manukau

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