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Knots & Rigs for Gurnard

A bright orange fish with brightly coloured pectoral fins.

Gurnard have lower pectoral rays which use for ‘walking’ along the bottom and uncovering small animals and crustaceans in the sand and sediment for food

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They have a spine on each gill plate and while it’s not immediately obvious, can really do some damge so handle carefully.

They can be caught anywhere there’s a flat sedimentary bottom and will readily take cut baits, small jigs and flashers with small baits.

Best Rigs

The best rigs for gurnard are the  dropper and flasher rigs. Jigs and softplastics also work well.

Best Baits

Small cut fish baits.

Best Spots

Flat sedimentary bottoms up to about 50m

Best Times

Year round

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Fishing bite times Fishing bite times

Major Bites

Minor Bites

Major Bites

Minor Bites