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Knots & Rigs for Kahawai

The kahawai is widespread throughout New Zealand and will be found from estuaries to the outer islands.

This sleek fish has an average size between 40-50cm long, and an average wiehgt of 1 to 2kg. Appropriate tackle is 6-10kg mono or braid is even better as the bites are small. As their tremendous fighting ability has earned them a reputation as a top light tackle game fish, especially on salt-water fly (SWF). They can be found year round and will be enticed by plenty of berley.

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Best Rigs

Kahawai are most often caught on a jig, softbait or trolled lure or fly when they are schooling. A cast spinner will also work well in the same situation. Match the hatch. If they are feeding on small silver baitfish, a silver jig will be deadly for example.

A good berley trail will often bring in Kahawai when you are targetting snapper and they'll be caught readily on the strayline (Kiwi & Aussie versions), and dropper rigs, also flashers with small cubes of bait

Best Spots

Kahawai can be caught in most of our inshore waters. They are often found in schools on or near the surface and generally where you see birds diving and feeding, the kahawai will not be far away.

Best Times

Morning & evening seem best but kahawai can be caught year round and at any time during the day.Soft baits, jigs, flies, spinners and flasher rigs are all very effective. They'll eat any of our normal cut baits such as pilchards, squid skipjack etc.

Fishing bite times Fishing bite times

Major Bites

Minor Bites

Major Bites

Minor Bites