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Canterbury Fishing Report - 18/05/23

Sounds Snapper Starting to Fire Saltwater:   I mentioned the outer Marlborough Sounds/D’Urville Island area... Read More >

'Top of the South' Fishing Report - 18/05/23

Snapper on the move to deeper water  Despite another weather bomb recently hitting the top... Read More >

Hauraki Gulf - Bruce Duncan Fishing Report - 17/05/23

Straylining has been producing the goods For the first time I can recall for two... Read More >

Raglan Fishing Report - 17/05/23

Hungry snapper still out there to be found  The fishing is still (for the most... Read More >

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Major Bites

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Techniques, tips and tricks of softbait fishing – getting the most from your soft baits.... Read More >

Surfcasting - setting yourself up

Gary Kemsley helps sort out the necessary gear for intending surf fishers.... Read More >

Squid - How to catch them

Squid fishing is a rapidly growing aspect of fishing - Paul Senior shares some hints and tips to get started.... Read More >

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