Blue Moki

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How to catch Blue Moki



Blue Moki are predominately found in the southern areas of NZ, but will sometimes be found lurking in northern waters. Prefers the cooler water temperatures and rocky areas. The usual color is blue grey with shades of brown along the back. The moki is a much under-rated fighting fish and has become very popular among anglers in the Wellington region, with good catches from both the boat and the shore.

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The rig

With a smallish mouth and thick lips, a sharp hook is a necessity. The flasher rig is ideal for both the boat or the beach, ideally a Mustad demon flasher rig with a size 3/0 or 4/0 hook, baited with a favorite food of the moki, shellfish. Another rig to use is the Aussie strayline rig with a long red hook. The long red is a great hook for keeping soft shellfish baits on the hook, however using a bit of bait cotton is a good idea to keep baits from falling off prematurely.

Eating quality

Moki is a superb table fish. Because of its liking to cooler waters up to depths of 100meters, it has a well-textured flesh with plenty of fatty content around the skin. It has small dark veins which run through its pink flesh. It is a superb fish to use in a seafood chowder, or simply pan fry.

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