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Latest News

NZ Fishing News ongoing giveaways for subscribers

12 July 2020

One of the benefits of subscribing to NZ Fishing News is that for the period of your subscription, your name is in every prize draw, not just the month you signed up.

Proposed rules aim to protect salmon fishery

11 July 2020
Canterbury salmon anglers may be facing a four-fish season bag in a radical move to preserve and rebuild its wild sea-ru...

DB Export NZ Fishing Comp - May/June winner announced!

09 July 2020
Congratulations to Cheryl Leonard for taking out the May/June 2020 random prize draw! Cheryl's 49cm trevally was caught ...

Kai Ika project – feeding the people

08 July 2020
A shipping container has been modified into a fish filleting station and distribution hub to enable a Mangere marae to d...

COVID-19 Creates New Fishing Club

07 July 2020
COVID has seen many challenges but the birth of a new fishing club supported by industry is certainly not one of them....

Latest Articles

Salt Fly Fishing off the Rocks

July 2020

Salt fly fishing off the rocks for snapper is not an approach taken by many, but it is one Nik Hannam has had great success with. He explains the basics – and the advantages – of salt fly fishing off the rocks.

Gamefishing with Trailer Boats: How to Keep a Tidy Ship

July 2020
Grant Dixon gives some sound advice on how to keep your small boat tidy when gamefishing. From setting up the small boat...

Blue Cod

July 2020
Blue cod often are often overshadowed by snapper, but they're great for the table and not bad sport either. In this arti...

Hawkes Bay Moki

July 2020
Moki are a great sport fish, and can also make a great addition to the table. Gary Kemsley shares some of his tips for t...

Black Magic Deepwater Slim Jigs Review

July 2020
Ethan Neville reviews Black Magic's Deepwater Slim Jigs....

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