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Latest News

Glowbite Jigheads

13 December 2018

Glowbite have developed a soft-bait jig head that now incorporates a flashing rather than a static light.

Raymarine's new ClearCruise AR

11 December 2018
Raymarine’s breakthrough new ClearCruise AR (Augmented Reality) enables skippers to make smarter, safer decisions ...

Berkley X9 braid

10 December 2018
Featuring a 9-carrier construction with a PE core, the Berkley X9 Braided Line is extremely round and smoothly flows thr...

New Owner Facelift for Hakula Lodge

09 December 2018
Vava’u, Tonga’s Hakula Lodge has a long history of happy memories for many gamefishers and was purchased in ...

Kairiki 8 braid

09 December 2018
The latest Shimano Kairiki braid has adopted a new VT construction method, featuring eight carriers and premium Japanese...

Latest Articles

Surfcasting using light line

December 2018

Gary Kemsley provides his take on the advantages offered by surfcasting using light line.

Successful berley surf casting tips

December 2018
Veteran surfcaster Bruce Basher dips into his massive bag of tricks and starts pulling out a few beauties!...

The charms of a streamer fly

December 2018
The streamer fly has largely played second fiddle to nymphs in recent years, but writer Kyle Dunkle argues they actually...

Niwa - a window into the state of your fishery

November 2018
Fisheries scientist Bruce Hartill explains how NIWA uses the information you provide to improve the management of our&nb...

The Maxel Transformer Reel and Jigstar Battle Royale - providing 'the edge'

November 2018
I freely admit it: every bit of extra help is greatly appreciated when I participate in the more physical fishing techni...

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