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Latest News

Inadequate comms a killer

16 December 2019

With summer approaching, Maritime NZ is stressing to boaties waterproof communications can save your life...

TacklePRO Kabura lures

15 December 2019
TacklePRO Kabura lures can be easily distinguished due to their unique curly tail and two-colour skirt......

A light tackle passion pays dividends

14 December 2019
‘Light tackle fishing is addictive’ suggests James Farley, who recently caught a world-record claim 7.70kg s...

Powervision Power Dolphin

13 December 2019
JC Matthew NZ has released the Power Dolphin, the world’s most advanced fishing drone......

Council appoints first CEO

12 December 2019
The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council has appointed Steven Stanford as its first ever CEO....

Latest Articles

Summer beach basics

December 2019

Here we are, with the great Kiwi summer staring us in the face and the beaches calling those of us with surfcasting tendencies, writes Andy McLeod.

Product Review: SquidEzy Squid Cleaning Tool

December 2019
Keen egi anglers Ben Tupaea, Jun Park and Rudee Lim test out the SquidEzy tool kit. If you’re new to cleaning squi...

How to fish with big baits

December 2019
Snapper like plenty of meat, the bigger the offering the better. While there is no doubt fresh can be best, there are pl...

Recipe: Lunch for a fisherman

December 2019
Bea Bagnall shares what she includes in a typical packed lunch she prepares for each guest on the charter operation she ...

The importance of leader and trace when fishing

December 2019
Leaders and traces can be important in various aspects of sport fishing. The roles of leaders, also known as traces, in ...

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