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Veratron VMH Gauges
October 2021

Veratron VMH 35 can distribute sensor data inputs (such as fuel, trim and tachometer) to other devices such as chartplotters and MFDs, eliminating the need for... Read More >

Vetus Bow Pro Thrusters
October 2021

Vetus’ new double thruster control panel features a powerful multi-axis twist joystick that allows owners, with just a twist of their wrist, to move their vessel... Read More >

Edge Puka Rigs
October 2021

Edge Fishing have introduced a range of deep drop rigs... Read More >

A New Era in Aluminum Motor Yachts is Nearly Here!
October 2021

The Legacy 70 will have 3800 horsepower to call upon, giving it a huge range to explore the Pacific. Why fly when you can cruise there?!... Read More >

GILL Coastal Trousers
October 2021

Gill’s exclusive Xpel fabric technology offers high levels of water repellency, stain resistance, stain release and odour resistance, making it ideal for fishing... Read More >

Rare Bonito Caught in Bay of Islands
October 2021

Bonito are easily identified from their more common relative the skipjack tuna by the elongated jaw and more defined stripes running the length of their body... Read More >

Government Shuns World Rivers Day
October 2021

Public opinion surveys in recent years have shown some 80% of Kiwis are concerned at the degraded state of rivers, problems with which have been largely ignored... Read More >

Simrad Backing E1 Series for Electric Outboard Boats
October 2021

The futuristic looking electric outboard powered,hydro-foiling Racebird raceboat, supported by Simrad electronics, will reach speeds of 50 knots in a new series starting in early 2023... Read More >

Jarryd Craven 'Angler of the Year'
October 2021

The NZSFC’s Old Man and the Sea and Fisherman of the Year awards recipient Jarryd Craven with his blue marlin, one of several winning fish to... Read More >

Wairau River Threat Defeated
October 2021

Trout fishers are pleased a hydro-electricity scheme resource application consent for Marlborough’s Wairau River has not been renewed by TrustPower... Read More >

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