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What does MPI do with confiscated seafood
26 January 2021

Dozens of shellfish and paua sprawled out on tarpaulin. Hundreds of crayfish lin... Read More >

Wettie cooler bags
25 January 2021

Wettie have added a series of insulated cooler bags to keep the catch in pristin... Read More >

Raymarine YachtSense modular digital switching
24 January 2021

Raymarine’s new YachtSense is an easy-to-use modular digital control syste... Read More >

Balex ABL Ultra
23 January 2021

Now everyone can have a stress free launch and retrieve with the introducti... Read More >

Black Magic Maggot XT Game Lures
22 January 2021

The improved resin heads are almost indestructible and feature high UV reflectiv... Read More >

NZ Fishing News boat for sale!
21 January 2021

Launched at the October 2018 On water Boat Show, Fishing News has been the magaz... Read More >

If you could save lives at sea and win BIG, would you be in?
19 January 2021

Coastguard’s Summer Lottery 96 is open and tickets are selling fast. Buyin... Read More >

Seeking help for school shark research
16 January 2021

This information will be critical to efforts to conserve and protect this specie... Read More >

10 things you need to know about the ocean this summer!
17 January 2021

The world’s oceans are in trouble and humans are responsible, reports the ... Read More >

Braking the Cycle - A Better Brake Controller
16 January 2021

When ordering your next boat and trailer, make sure that the hydraulic brake act... Read More >

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