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Fishing reports and regular fishing updates from many areas around New Zealand and the Pacific Islands are brought to you by a number of charter operators, fishing guides and others.

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Latest Reports

'Top of the South' Fishing Report - 18/05/23
Saltwater reports

"Despite another weather bomb recently hitting the top of the south, resulting in flooding in some areas and introducing lots of driftwood and debris into Tasman... Read More >

Canterbury Fishing Report - 18/05/23
Saltwater reports

"I had a couple of mates make the most of a two-day break in the weather and sneak a trip out to D’Urville earlier this week,... Read More >

Raglan Fishing Report - 17/05/23
Saltwater reports

"The fishing is still (for the most part) good out west. Be prepared to explore different spots and depths until you find the hungry fish.... Read More >

Hauraki Gulf - Bruce Duncan Fishing Report - 17/05/23
Saltwater reports

"Doing a bit of a phone around to mates that have been out it appears that the fishing around the inner gulf has been fairly patchy.... Read More >

Manukau/West Coast Fishing Report - 17/05/23
Saltwater reports

"I’ve been scraping the bottom of the fish bin looking for excuses for the lack of reports lately. Stuff like: ‘steering on the boat is bust’;... Read More >

Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report - George Bourke - 17/05/23
Saltwater reports

"Well folks, the water temperature is now diving but the fishing is doing the exact opposite! Snapper have been chewing hard for those fishing the ‘middle’... Read More >

Bream Bay Fishing Report - 17/05/23
Saltwater reports

"Trevally continue to be on the chew both inside the harbour and beyond, with the kahawai being in great condition after an autumn of gorging on... Read More >

Hauraki Gulf Report – Bruce Duncan - 04/05/23
Saltwater reports

"Floating baits are less likely to get snagged, but the downside is being unable to keep an eye out for bites. This is where fresh bait... Read More >

Raglan Fishing Report - 04/05/23
Saltwater reports

"The continuing easterly onslaught seems to have driven good fish close to shore. This has resulted in some good action in 32 metres or less, where... Read More >

The Espresso Hauraki Gulf Report - 04/05/23
Saltwater reports

"Those tiny anchovies, relentlessly hounded by all and sundry, from the tasty little aji (mackerel) and hard-charging kahawai, to some snapper and even the odd kingfish.... Read More >

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    June 2023

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