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Latest Reports

Manukau Fishing Report 180518

18/05/2018  in Saltwater reports

Well things have really stepped up in the harbour with some great catches of snapper to 600mm or more to be had in the shallows during evening incoming tides, or in deep water for those other times.  Also in the harbour are trevally, kahawai and gurnard with the occasional kingfish still likely...

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Wellington Fishing Report 170518

17/05/2018  in Saltwater reports

The summer of fishing that keeps on giving. We are still having a great run of fish with many summer species still around in reasonable numbers. Most anglers that are heading out to target snapper and trevally are having great success whether it be from the shore or off the boat....

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Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report 150518

16/05/2018  in Saltwater reports

The Autumn weather this season so far appear very similar to what I have experienced in the past where you may only get two or three hours of fishing before it all turns to custard. Don't let that put you off though..

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Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report 180518

16/05/2018  in Saltwater reports

It already looks like it is going to be a great winter season and you should make the most of this seasonal bonanza (I will be)! The bait will only get pushed in further now and the workups will be on our doorstep again soon..

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Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report 040518

04/05/2018  in Saltwater reports

A good example is on the south western side of Rangitoto there are numerous bits of low foul and small isolated rocks. I first do a zig-zag approach to the target area, whilst watching my sounder to get an idea of the number of fish out on the sand away from the foul.

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Wellington Fishing Report 030518

03/05/2018  in Saltwater reports

However, it is not all doom and gloom; as the autumn fishing finishes, the winter fishing starts! The winter inshore fishing of blue cod, terakihi and warahou will be starting to take off on both coast...

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Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report 030518

03/05/2018  in Saltwater reports

We did have an epic session on kingfish up to 25kg by Little Barrier before our Far North excursion, but did a charter today out to Channel Island that yielded average results.

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Manukau/West Coast Fishing Report 010518

01/05/2018  in Saltwater reports

Snapper are also making a strong showing, with fish to 10lb turning up, especially in the evenings in shallow water...

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Wellington Fishing Report 200418

20/04/2018  in Saltwater reports

Snapper, kingfish, trevally etc are still fishing well even though the water temperature is sliding down toward winter temperatures...

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Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report 190418

19/04/2018  in Saltwater reports

The winter snapper feed in a different manner and are not as competitive and aggressive. Here's how to target them

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