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Latest Reports

Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report 120718

12/07/2018  in Saltwater reports

If you have the means, you want to be fishing around Western Great Barrier currently. The best action has been moving shallower and is currently inside the Pigeon Rock area.

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Coromandel fishing report 110718

11/07/2018  in Saltwater reports

Despite winter being in full swing fishing has proven to be fairly productive in many areas. 

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Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report 100718

10/07/2018  in Saltwater reports

This winter is very similar to those some ten odd years back, which is a good thing as it has been a while since I can recall such excellent and consistent fishing in the inner gulf. In saying that, it is still is a case of knowing where to target on any given day.

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Coromandel fishing report 290618

29/06/2018  in Saltwater reports

It might be getting cool as the throes of winter set in, but it is time to put on the beanie and thermals and get amongst some of the best fishing of the year.

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Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report 280618

28/06/2018  in Saltwater reports

First hook-ups were kingfish and then the big snapper came on. There was not a lot happening on the sounder but the fishing was consistent and we had 6 way hook ups at some stages in the day!

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Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report 270618

27/06/2018  in Saltwater reports

Winter is well and truly here, but forget rugging up by the fire because the fishing is red hot! Massive schools of pilchards are amassing in the Craddock Channel, and dolphins, gannets, Bryde's whales are all jostling for position while kingfish and snapp

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Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report 260618

26/06/2018  in Saltwater reports

Over winter, the snapper that are in and around the local reefs and rocky shorelines of the many islands in the Hauraki Gulf are largely living a solitary life...

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Hauraki Gulf fishing report 140618

14/06/2018  in Saltwater reports

Whether it is fishing in close off the bays and inner islands for large snapper, or out wide chasing school fish - it is a great time to be out! 

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Coromandel Fishing Report 130618

14/06/2018  in Saltwater reports

It's well worth getting out on the water between the constant low pressure weather systems we are now experiencing. Anyone who has done so can be rewarded, but this will come down to perseverance and being in the right place. Water temperatures have dropped significantly and are sitting between 16.5...

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Wellington area fishing report 130618

14/06/2018  in Saltwater reports

It is nice to hear of good winter fish starting to arrive on both the west and south coasts. The west Coast is fishing well, with groper in good numbers. Fisherman's Rock and the Steps south of Mana Island are proving well worth a fish...

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