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Fishing reports and regular fishing updates from many areas around New Zealand and the Pacific Islands are posted by a number of charter operators, fishing guides  and others on our main reports section.

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Latest Reports

Raglan Fishing Report - 230120

23/01/2020  in Saltwater reports

Murray Monds from Reel Action Raglan reports on solid fishing activity in the Raglan area. From out wide to in shallow, from game fish to gurnard...

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Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report 230120

23/01/2020  in Saltwater reports

Workups, topwater kingfish, tuna, marlin, and snapper; thrills 'n spills are all on the program depending on what show you're looking for. Hauraki Gulf fisherman Captain Espresso reports...

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Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report - 220120

22/01/2020  in Saltwater reports

Lure fisherman and renowned Hauraki Gulf charter operator Nik Key lets us know what he's been catching recently and delivers a detailed account of how he's been doing it...

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Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report - 210120

21/01/2020  in Saltwater reports

My tip this weekend is to cover your bases; catch some live baits, put one under a balloon and set another a meter or so off the bottom. Chances are you could hook up on a kingfish, john dory or big snapper – if you're really lucky, you could catch them all! Bruce Duncan with his tips and tricks for those fishing the Gulf...

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Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report - 170120

17/01/2020  in Saltwater reports

From Waiheke to Rangitoto to Riverhead, there is action all around the Gulf at the moment if you know where to look, and Hauraki Gulf fishing Guru Bruce Duncan is here to help you find it...

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Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report 160120

16/01/2020  in Saltwater reports

Did 2019 bring you your fishing thrills, dreams and wow moments? Yes! No?! Either way, 2020 fishing is on, and the bite is back! Espresso reports...

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Bream Bay Fishing Report - 140120

14/01/2020  in Saltwater reports

Leading up to last weekend’s full moon and big tides, the fishing in Bream Bay was good, especially out a little wider. Grant Dixon reports... 

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Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report - 100120

10/01/2020  in Saltwater reports

With conditions not playing ball across the Christmas break, Hauraki Gulf fisherman Bruce Duncan gives a timely lesson on how to safely get your fishing fix in January regardless of the wind...

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Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report - 090120

09/01/2020  in Saltwater reports

There have been some thumping, nerve-tingling workups halfway between the North Shore Bays and Rakino over the past few days. These are a great place to target kahawai, gurnard and snapper. Espresso reports...

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Manukau/West Coast Fishing Report - 090120

09/01/2020  in Saltwater reports

West Coast fisherman Smudge reports on what's working in the Manukau Harbour and outside of it, while also providing a friendly reminder of sometimes forgotten fishing protocol...

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