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Latest Reports

Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report 200318

20/03/2018  in Saltwater reports

Over the years I discovered that this is the spot to catch a feed of snapper up to 4kg..

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Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report 090318

09/03/2018  in Saltwater reports

With a lot of fish now in the inner harbour they are feeding up big time to put on body fat reserves for the winter, in fact I can't recall snapper being so full of fat at this time of the year and it maybe a sign that we are in for a long hard cold winter.

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Wellington Fishing Report 080318

08/03/2018  in Saltwater reports

What a wicked fishing season we are having with exceptional snapper and kingfish numbers and tuna in abundance as well.

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Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report 080318

08/03/2018  in Saltwater reports

Although the kingfish action is still going great guns, we've also had the opportunity to put in greater slow-jigging efforts over the past week - to great effect!

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Coromandel Fishing Report 080318

08/03/2018  in Saltwater reports

Fishing has continued to be productive along the western side for snapper and the key to finding them will depend on the weather conditions...

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Manukau/West Coast Fishing Report 070318

07/03/2018  in Saltwater reports

There are marlin to be caught. You can drive through the schools of skipjack and albacore that are showing up from 25m onwards, you can drive right on out past the green/blue water colour transition where the makos love to play all the way to 115m where the most striped marlin are being caught.

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Manukau/West Coast Fishing Report 220218

22/02/2018  in Saltwater reports

The best marlin action appears to be coming from the south, more off the Waikato River bar than the Manukau.

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Hauraki Gulf Report 210218

21/02/2018  in Saltwater reports

George & Nick have been enjoying more fine kingfish action in between low pressure systems. Perhaps numbers are down from January, but the average size is up so we're not complaining!

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Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report 130218

13/02/2018  in Saltwater reports

Well the weather has kept us land based a bit in the last few weeks, but when I did get out the fishing was great!

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Bream Bay and beyond - Fishing Report 090218

09/02/2018  in Saltwater reports

Bream Bay will play host to the majority of anglers fishing next week’s (Friday 16-Saturday 17 Feb) Century Batteries Beach and Boat Fishing Contest, the country’s biggest tournament event with around 1500 anglers expected. Based out of Marsden Cove on the southern shores of Whang

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