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New Zealand has world leading striped marlin and yellowtail kingfish fisheries as well as superb recreational fishing for snapper, kahawai, terakihi, trevally, blue cod, john dory, gurnard, hapuka & bass, trout & salmon.

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Snapper fishing on the Manukau Harbour in Spring
September 2020

Spring is an exciting time for anglers across New Zealand, especially for those ... Read More >

Fishing New Zealand's Offshore Islands
August 2020

Sam Mossman walks us through NZ's most popular offshore island fishing destinati... Read More >

Autumn trout fishing in New Zealand's South Island
March 2020

There are plenty of good trout fishing options on the mainland in May. It can of... Read More >

Guide to fishing the Mackenzie Canals part 2
October 2019

In Part II of this guide to fishing the Mackenzie Country canals, Shane Hartston... Read More >

Guide to fishing the Mackenzie Canals
September 2019

In sharing some of his experiences at the Mackenzie Country canals, Shane Hartst... Read More >

South Island fishing in spring
August 2019

From early November the quality of sea fishing around the South Island improves ... Read More >

North Island land based fishing spots
August 2019

New Zealand is blessed with a variety of fish species and coastlines, making shore-fishing a rich and diverse experience. I've personally used rock fi... Read More >

South Island land based fishing spots
August 2019

Following last month’s review of North Island fishing regions this month Andy McLeod covers the South Island.... Read More >

Fishing in the southern lakes
May 2019

Peter Langlands says late autumn and early winter are prime times to maximise th... Read More >

Fishing at the Wanganella Banks
May 2019

When Ben Brown, accompanied by lensman Steve Morgan, were offered the opportunit... Read More >

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