Fishing in Canterbury

Canterbury is renowned for freshwater fishing. In the summer, fly-fishing for trout and whitebaiting are popular with many anglers.

Whilst the fishing is spectacular in summer - the trout season slows at the end of April. Winter is still a great time to explore new locations and techniques. Low flows in winter allow you to get a good look at the streambed and any potential fish-holding lies.

Rainbow trout are a lot more active than brown in the lakes over the winter months and are a better candidate for the lake angler. Unlike browns, which spawn in winter, rainbows spawn later on in spring, so they still tend to actively feed over the winter.

Salmon fishing in the East coast rivers such as the Rakaia, Rangitata and Waitaki rivers gets underway in January and some excellent ser-run slamon are caught by anglers fishing the river mouth and further up these snow-fed rivers that run out through the canterbury plains to the Pacific ocean.

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