Northland and The Bay of Islands

The Northland region is recognized as a world class fishing destination. Despite the close attention such a reputation attracts, the resilience of the Bay of Island’s marine habitat continues to provide both local and international fishers with memorable fishing experiences. In addition, the bay is sheltered from most weather by the extensive Cape Brett peninsular and countless islands. The result is a playground for boaties with options a-plenty in all but the most severe weather. Snapper, kingfish, terakihi, hapuku/bass are all prolific species and the gamefishing in the summer can be quite spectacular with striped and blue marlin being a target species from January to May.

Fishing Spots in Bream Bay
June 2022

Captain Cook named Bream Bay for a good reason – he found the bream (snapper) population very much to his liking. They provided his crew with... Read More >

Catching Big Snapper in the Far North
March 2022

Jason Neute and mate Steve had a day to remember in the Far North, proving that you don’t need a big boat to catch big fish…... Read More >

A Guide to Soft-Bait Fishing in the Far North
March 2022

Houhora local William Lomas spends most of his spare time soft-baiting up and down the Far North’s east coast, and he’s now got the hang of... Read More >

Surfcasting on 90 Mile Beach
January 2022

Surfcasting has been in Jason Neute’s blood for well over 40 years and he has had the privilege of fishing many beautiful places. However, it was... Read More >

Small Boat Fishing in Whatuwhiwhi, Northland
June 2020

Shane Hartstone recently purchased a portable inflatable boat which he keeps in the back of his ute as he travels around the North Island. Here, he... Read More >

Softbait Fishing In The Far North Of New Zealand
March 2020

Softbait fishing in the far North of New Zealand and how to catch big snapper and kingfish on ZMan and Gulp softbaits is explained by Mark... Read More >

Fishing North Cape New Zealand
March 2020

Nick Jones travels to the North Cape to target kingfish, snapper and hapuku. While the kingfish remained elusive, there was no shortage of hapuku and snapper... Read More >

Landbased Fishing In The Far North
February 2020

Landbased fishing is sometimes the only option when the weather turns sour. This was the case for Nick Jones on a pre-planned trip to the Far... Read More >

Gamefishing on the Wanganella Banks
January 2020

Shay Ward details his adventures gamefishing on the Wanganella banks and shows why it was the trip of a lifetime. ... Read More >

A trip to The Three Kings with Hauraki Express
January 2020

After much planning, time and money had gone into a proposed Three Kings trip aboard their Extreme trailerboat, the weather presented the right window and Nick... Read More >

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