International Fishing Destinations

Five Favourite Exotic Fish
July 2021

With the borders still closed, John Eichelsheim takes the time to reflect on his... Read More >

Chasing Dogtooth Tuna in Tanzania
June 2020

Auckland's George Chen, one of NZ's keenest anglers, travelled to Tanzania to ch... Read More >

Catching Sailfish in Rompin Malaysia
March 2020

Ethan Neville travels to Malaysia to compete in the Pahang International Billfis... Read More >

Salmon Fishing In Canada
February 2020

Salmon fishing in Canada targeting the king or chinook salmon using the mooching... Read More >

Catching Permit In The Seychelles
February 2020

Craig Worthington catches the elusive and highly sought after permit in the Seyc... Read More >

Fishing in Mozambique
January 2020

Mozambique is one of the most untapped places on earth for the travelling a... Read More >

Ice fishing in Canada
December 2019

Steve Dickinson has done his fair share of trout fishing throughout New Zealand ... Read More >

Soft-baiting at the Indian River Lagoon
October 2019

A trip to the ‘States (even if it’s for a tackle show) wouldn’... Read More >

Guatemala- Sailfish action that's hard to beat
August 2019

On a recent trip to target sailfish in Guatemala, Managing Editor Grant Dixon co... Read More >

Fishing in Canada
July 2019

Giant tuna, freshwater dinosaurs, tasty salmon, monster flounder, professional, ... Read More >

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