International Fishing Destinations

World Fly Fishing Champs In Spain
March 2023

James Fuller describes his experience at the World Fly Fishing Championships in Spain... Read More >

Fishing South Africa's East Coast
February 2023

South African fishing and diving offer variety and challenges...  ... Read More >

Fishing Central America Part 2
January 2023

Flying into Costa Rica, I was thinking about the highlights from all those years we have fished this truly remarkable sportfishing destination – double-digit days on... Read More >

Fishing Central America Part 1
January 2023

The departure date finally arrived, and with it came many different emotions: nervousness, anxiety, uncertainty, but the strongest of all was excitement.... Read More >

Fishing in British Columbia
July 2022

British Columbia, Canada, must surely be the Angler's Atlantis: a land of mystery, fierce predators, and wilderness, writes Jason Harman.... Read More >

Catching White Sturgeon in British Columbia
April 2022

Kiwi angler Jason Harmon has recently returned from his OE, during which he spent time in British Columbia targeting a bucket list species – white sturgeon.... Read More >

Five Favourite Exotic Fish
July 2021

With the borders still closed, John Eichelsheim takes the time to reflect on his favourite 'exotic' fish species he has travelled all over the world to... Read More >

Chasing Dogtooth Tuna in Tanzania
June 2020

Auckland's George Chen, one of NZ's keenest anglers, travelled to Tanzania to chase giant dogtooth tuna. Here, he tells how he landed giant trevally and his... Read More >

Catching Sailfish in Rompin Malaysia
March 2020

Ethan Neville travels to Malaysia to compete in the Pahang International Billfish Challenge 2019 and check out Rompin's famous sailfish fishery.... Read More >

Salmon Fishing In Canada
February 2020

Salmon fishing in Canada targeting the king or chinook salmon using the mooching technique.... Read More >

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