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Enjoying fresh seafood with friends and family can be the perfect way to celebrate a wonderful day out.

If you have a tasty recipe that you would like to share on The Fishing Website, click here to e-mail it to us.

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Fisherman's Stew Recipe
April 2024

A recipe for Fisherman's Stew is shared... Read More >

One-pan Tomato Poached Snapper with Leek Recipe
March 2024

A one-pan tomato poached snapper recipe is shared... Read More >

Baked Fish and Fish Dumplings Recipes
March 2024

Bea Bagnall shares her recipe for baked halibut and halibut dumplings... Read More >

Crayfish Rolls
February 2024

A recipe for crayfish rolls is shared... Read More >

Crispy Fish Skin Recipe
February 2024

A recipe for crispy fish skin is shared... Read More >

Mahiasian Fish Broth
February 2024

A recipe for Mahiasian fish broth is shared... Read More >

Pan Fried Snapper with Black Rice and Carrot Salad
January 2024

Bea Bagnall shares a recipe for black rice and roast carrot salad with pan-fried snapper... Read More >

Paua Burgers with Watercress Mayo Recipe
December 2023

Kaelah James shares her recipe for paua burgers with watercress mayo... Read More >

Snapper Wing Nachos
November 2023

A recipe for snapper wing nachos is shared... Read More >

Whole Fish Stuffed with Fresh Kawakawa
November 2023

Felicity Morgan-Rhind shares a recipe for whole fish stuffed with fresh kawakawa leaves, dried horopito, and lemon... Read More >

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      Best we got from lovely day ysterday in inner gulf
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       Reguiding gurnard rod tonight as  few eyes got broken, replaced one that broke  fishin and other came away in fingers checking  other guides. Bad corrosion for...

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      We have had a ball fishing the shallows around Rangi for the last two weekends with old fashioned bait and berley.Old school straylining back onto structure...

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      Have done that , one of the best...

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      Will to try and get across your side "Kandrew" next Saturday,nil fish on my side....

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