International Fishing Destinations

Rompin Malaysia - A sailfish mecca
January 2017

Sailfish are common around the globe, and in some places they are present in pla... Read More >

Cabo San Lucas - A Gamefishing Mecca
April 2016

If there is ever a destination where you should be guaranteed to lose your billf... Read More >

Sailfish - Kuala Rompin
November 2015

Sailfish had long been on the shortlist of species I seriously wanted to catch. ... Read More >

Fishing in Greenland - river fishing for char
February 2015

Greenland is a popular destination for fishing, travel and exploring the outdoors. Discover the thrill of chasing the Arctic char.... Read More >

Tigerfish in Zimbabwe
June 2014

Andrew Perring reviews a trip to Zimbabwe. A Blast from the Past! This article originally appeared in NZ Fisherman magazine – February - 1998 &n... Read More >

Bangkok City - Fishing Paradise
January 2014

My wife planned a family trip to Bangkok City to experience a different culture and indulge herself in its mega shopping malls.... Read More >

Beautiful Bermuda
January 2013

My only prior knowledge of Bermuda concerned the Bermuda Triangle, an area infamous for the number of planes and ships that have mysteriously disappea... Read More >

Alaskan Combat Fishing by Peter Francis
May 2000

The story of my fly fishing adventure in Alaska and a few encounters along the way.... Read More >


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