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FlyFin 1900 Centre Console Boat Review
September 2021

Sam Mossman investigates a new sportfishing boat – the FlyFin 1900 Centre Console. For Sam, it's a great coastal fishing boat with blue-water capability that's definitely... Read More >

Haines Hunter 635 Sport Fisher Review
September 2021

One of the best known and most highly regarded GRP (fibreglass) boat manufacturers in NZ is Haines Hunter NZ, so a new model from them is... Read More >

Innovision 656 Explorer Review
July 2021

Sam Mossman reviews the Innovision 656 Explorer, a uniquely shaped boat that rides extremely well in all conditions.... Read More >

Quintrex 460 Renegade SC Boat Review
May 2021

Sam Mossman reviews the Quintrex 460 Renegade SC, a boat well-suited to a range of fishing pursuits.... Read More >

Surtees 650 Game Fisher Boat Review
April 2021

After hearing that Surtees had built a new Game Fisher hull for tackle store chain Top Catch, Sam Mossman joined representatives from both companies to put... Read More >

Surtees 750 Game Fisher Review - 2021 Prize boat
April 2021

"While the big-ticket items might take the limelight – the hull, trailer, motor, and electronics – there are many smaller, and sometimes just as important, features... Read More >

Stryda 600s Boat Review
March 2021

Sam Mossman trials the Stryda 600s, a new amphibious boat that is robust and versatile. He was impressed with its performance and he's sure the Australian... Read More >

Sealegs 6.1m Alloy Boat Review
February 2021

New Zealand company Sealegs recently launched its latest design – a 6.1m alloy amphibian aimed squarely at the coastal fishing market. Sam Mossman went along to... Read More >

FC 465 CC Boat Review
January 2021

Sam Mossman reviews the FC 465 CC, and has no complaints. Fish City have produced another fine boat which is perfect for inshore fishing.... Read More >

Extreme Boats 915 XST Boat Review
December 2020

Thornton-based boat builders Extreme Boats have recently completed a new model 915 trailer boat, the XST, with a solid transmon. Sam Mossman reviews the Extreme Boats... Read More >

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    Vetus Bow Pro Thrusters

    26 October 2021

    Vetus’ new double thruster control panel features a powerful multi-axis twist joystick that allows owners, with just a twist of their wrist, to move their vessel...

    Latest Articles

    Hooks for Whole Fish and Strip Baits
    October 2021

    Mark Kitteridge discusses some hook options when using bait to target table fish, and also walks us through how to rig up basic dropper/ledger rigs.... Read More >

    Why you need to check and clean your boat and gear
    October 2021

    From berthage to engine maintenance. Safety equipment to navigation. Food, water, and everything in between. If you’ve got a boat, there is a lot to think... Read More >

    A Tribute to Trevally
    October 2021

    Trevally, in the opinion of Hayden Speed, are one of the hardest fighting fish pound for pound in the ocean. Hayden loves to target trevally and as... Read More >

    Maximum Fishing Access at Minimal Cost
    October 2021

    South Island contributor Peter Langlands discusses a few way to increase your fishing reach without breaking the bank.... Read More >

    Freshwater Target Species
    October 2021

    John Eichelsheim introduces us to his five favourite freshwater species that he likes to target in New Zealand and abroad. These include koi carp, bass, trout,... Read More >

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    Bream Bay Fishing Report - October 21st, 2021

    Red hot fishing off Ruakaka If there is one piece of advice I can offer... Read More >

    Canterbury Fishing Report - October 21st, 2021

    Canterbury Report - Planning tricky, but the results worth it We are really experiencing spring weather... Read More >

    Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report - October 21st, 2021

    The Espresso Report  - Gulf starting to fire up Never a dull moment in the local... Read More >

    Tauranga Fishing Report - October 21st, 2021

    Mixed bag, but great to be back on the water Great to be back on... Read More >

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