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Stryda 900C Review
May 2022

Amphibious boats are becoming a common sight on New Zealand waters, and the technology is only getting more advanced. Just before Christmas Sam Mossman tried out... Read More >

Kingfisher 510 Minicats: Stable, Spacious & Capable
May 2022

First impressions are important, and lasting. When NZ Fishing News’ Grant Dixon first stepped aboard the Kingfisher 510 Minicat, there were two words that sprung to... Read More >

Extreme 795XST Review
May 2022

This is the second Extreme 795 Mangawhai charter operator Tony Orton has set up. He told Grant Dixon that this boat (an Extreme 795XST) is a... Read More >

Surtees 800 – Trailerboat Perfection
April 2022

The technology packed into trailerboats has been growing in recent years, but the Surtees 800 has provided yet another leap forward. NZ Fishing News’ Ethan Neville... Read More >

Dreadnort D7500 Boat Review
April 2022

A Dreadnort is not like anything you’ve seen in the NZ trailerboat scene. While a few manufacturers have strayed from the norm and built vessels with... Read More >

AirCat 525 Boat Review
March 2022

An easing in Covid restrictions allowed Sam Mossman to spend the morning aboard a new boat – the prototype AirCat 525.... Read More >

Kingfisher 670 Powercat - Balanced and Poised
March 2022

”Heaps of fishing space and a stable platform, not to mention good performance in the rough”, were the features new Kingfisher 670 Powercat owner Bill said... Read More >

Amphibious FC 635HTA Boat Review
January 2022

Convenience is key to the recently released FC635 HT amphibious version according to its new owner Brian King. Grant Blair reviewed the latest offering from FC... Read More >

Blue Diamond 680 HT Boat Review
November 2021

On the trailer, Whiti Te Ra, the first born for Paihia-based Blue Diamond Marine, looks huge and bulky, but these notions are soon dispelled as soon... Read More >

Offshore 650 HT Boat Review
November 2021

With the large gold plinth for Boat of the Show: All Purpose Family Boat 7m standing beside it, Offshore Boats’ 650 HT was hard to miss... Read More >

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    NZ's Latest Fishing Reports - 22/09/22

    23 September 2022

    Check out the latest fishing reports from around NZ including; Hauraki Gulf, Bream Bay, Raglan, Tauranga, Taupo & Canterbury!...

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    Kingfish - A Personal Best Story
    September 2022

    In the March issue, our reader’s story was contributed by Blenheim’s Jason Anderson, who paid tribute to his partner Laura Solomon’s ability to nail great PB... Read More >

    Moon Tide Fishing Season's Highlights
    September 2022

    As series two of Moon Tide Fishing draws closer to an end, presenter Nori Martin thought it would be appropriate to reflect on some of the... Read More >

    Bait and Berley Tips for Straylining
    September 2022

    In the second part of Hayden Speed’s look at straylining techniques, he covers boat placement, currents, bait, and berley deployment.... Read More >

    Skipping Baits for Billfish
    September 2022

    In Tony Orton’s eyes, raising a marlin behind a teaser then switching it over to a skipping-bait is one of the coolest ways to hook a... Read More >

    Gurnard Tacos
    September 2022

    Kaelah James is taking the Instagram world by storm by posting delicious kaimoana recipes and sharing her amazing outdoors adventures with her whanau.... Read More >

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    Raglan Fishing Report - 22/09/22

    Big snapper turn up on west coast With springtime here, the big snapper have turned... Read More >

    Canterbury Fishing Report - 22/09/22

    Salmon action at Kaikoura Once again, the weather has been settled over the past two... Read More >

    Turangi - Taupo Fishing Report - 22/09/22

    Tongariro Floods clearing away the snags We have had yet another big flood come through... Read More >

    Tauranga Fishing Report - 22/09/22

    Deep water species few and far between Regrettably, there’s not a lot happening with the... Read More >

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    Who's been saltwater fly fishing? The Tropics
    in Saltwater Flyflingers
    34 minutes ago

    Thanks CraigThere is definitely scope to pull some good fish. I would love to have more time to put into the blue fin, they definitely like...

    Thundercats- A standup boat?
    in Saltwater Flyflingers
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    So just a quick query….Assuming a fine day and no big wakes, can you stand up and cast from a Thundercat?There’s one for sale that I’m...

    Mayfly Hatch in the Tongariro - Late November
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    4 hours ago

    Advice wanted as to how fish this hatch. Saw a video some time ago and the number of hatching mayflies and rising fish made me think...

    Enchanter program
    in The Briny Bar
    4 hours ago

    Over 20 years ago we'd been fishing, mostly livebaiting, off Tom Bowling Bay . A big storm kicked off the day we were returning to Houhora....

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