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Dan Govier and Aquadeziac - One Hot Fishing Machine
May 2024

Grant Dixon checks out Dan Govier's new Senator RH770... and goes fishing, of course.... Read More >

Legacy Marine L70 Gamefishing
February 2024

Mat Cranswick goes marlin fishing on Legacy Marine's flagship L70 Paragon... Read More >

Josh Darby's Kingfisher 570 Powercat
January 2024

Grant Dixon spends time with Josh Darby and reviews his Kingfisher 570 Powercat, Ruawaka.... Read More >

FatCat 4500 Review
January 2024

Nick Jones reviews the FatCat 4500 boat... Read More >

Buccaneer Six Fifteen - Ask and You Shall Receive
January 2024

If you are in the market for a six-metre hardtop, I would be looking seriously at the Buccaneer Six Fifteen as a viable option.... Read More >

Legacy Marine L70 Review
December 2023

Mat Cranswick shares an overview of Legacy Marine's flagship L70 Paragon... Read More >

Ryan 'Muddy Feet' Hampton and Kingfisher 390 Powercat
November 2023

Read about Ryan 'Muddy Fee' Hampton's new Kingfisher 390 Powercat - and this one must be given away!... Read More >

Offshore 850HT Boat Review
September 2023

Offshore Boats was the Supreme Winner of this year’s Hutchwilco NZ Boat Show for the second year running. Its winning entry, the Offshore 850HT, clearly grabbed... Read More >

Kingfisher 390 Review
September 2023

NZ Fishing News reviews the Kingfisher 390 Powercat... Read More >

Extreme 646 Game King Review
August 2023

Grant Dixon reviews the Extreme 646 Game King... Read More >

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    Latest Fishing Reports - 14/06/24

    14 June 2024

    The latest fishing reports from around New Zealand - brought to you by Mercury Marine....

    Latest Articles

    How Does El Nino Affect Fishing in New Zealand?
    June 2024

    Sam Mossman discusses the influence of El Niño on fishing.... Read More >

    Muri Ghonto Fish Head Stew Recipe
    June 2024

    Muri Ghonto is a spicy fish head stew cooked with fragrant lentils or rice and slowly braised in a melange of spices and aromatics.... Read More >

    Grilled Whole Squid with Quinoa, Leek and Mozzarella Stuffing
    June 2024

    Thanks mainly to the influence of many immigrant anglers, catching and cooking squid in NZ has turned into something of an art form.... Read More >

    Halco Madeyes Softbaits Review
    June 2024

    Grant Dixon reviews Halco's Mayeyes softbaits in the Far North with local charter operator, Rob Parker.... Read More >

    Massive Gurnard Caught
    June 2024

    Hawkes Bay angler and magazine contributor Blair Whiting is a keen kayak angler, but on this day he headed out to sea on his uncle’s boat... Read More >

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    Saltwater Fishing Reports
    Raglan Fishing Report - 14/06/24

    Snapper the mainstay There are plenty of good-sized, healthy snapper out there from 60m all... Read More >

    14 Jun 2024
    Saltwater Fishing Reports
    Northland Fishing Report - 14/06/24

    Snapper in close and bluenose out wide We are well into winter now, the air... Read More >

    14 Jun 2024
    Saltwater Fishing Reports
    Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report - 14/06/24

    Gurnard, anyone? Although we’ve been hamstrung by some wind from the northerly quarter of late,... Read More >

    14 Jun 2024
    Saltwater Fishing Reports
    Top of the South Fishing Report - 14/06/24

    Kingfish fishery healthy Unfortunately, work has prevented me from getting out over the last couple... Read More >

    14 Jun 2024

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    Awaawaroa Bay Waiheke.
    in Fishing Reports
    8 minutes ago

    Well we finally got there today after a bit sight seeing outside ponui island,se roll not for me,down to waiheke farm where we sat catching undersize...

    Coastguard Summer Lottery
    in The Briny Bar
    16 minutes ago

    May I suggest management salaeries might take a big chunk? But yes you do a good job but with NZ boating population the time,imo,is coming to...

    Manukau Harbour & West Coast fishing
    in Fishing Reports
    1 hour ago

    I'll post up some stuff tonight hopefully, it's been a pretty big few days, with other stuff on....

    The 2024 Franklin Hunting & Fishing Grunter H...
    in The Briny Bar
    1 hour ago

    Good to see you there again this year Matt, along with a heap of others from the forums, when I get the results and some pics...

    joystick control
    in The Briny Bar
    23 hours ago
    Phantom Menace

    We have Yamaha HelmMaster on the Coastguard boat I volunteer on. (Our unit is one of the few that has it I think.).  It's a 9.5m...

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