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Thanks to NZ Fishing News magazine and a number of fishing journalists, we have been able to bring you a great range of 'How to' articles.There's a lot to learn about fishing and the more you know, the more you realise just how much you don't!

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Catching Sea Run Trout
January 2022

Sea-run brown trout might be the same species as their freshwater brothers and sisters, but their size and speed makes fishing for them an entirely different... Read More >

Catching Trevally on Saltwater Flies
February 2022

Craig Worthington doesn’t often take the path of least resistance when it comes to fishing. One of his favourite fish to catch is the NZ trevally,... Read More >

Wharf Fishing Basics
January 2022

Many anglers showcase a lot of great fishing in New Zealand through social media, but most of this footage is taken on a boat, suggests Peter... Read More >

The Double Hook Snapper Rig
January 2022

Are you puzzled by how particular hook styles suit specific roles and techniques and why it can be so important to choose particular hook sizes? Mark... Read More >

Planning a Fishing Trip
January 2022

Sometimes you just get lucky and the fish virtually catch themselves; most of the time, however, planning is key to a great day’s fishing. Charter operator... Read More >

Softbaiting Techniques For The Shallows
January 2022

Josh Darby’s preferred fishing style is casting soft-baits into shallow, kelpy territory, and as can be expected, he now knows a thing or two about pulling... Read More >

Choosing the Right Hook For Straylining
January 2022

Are you puzzled by how particular hook styles suit certain roles and techniques, and why it can be so important to choose specific hook sizes? Writer... Read More >

Shallow Water Soft-Baiting
December 2021

Houhora local William Lomas has made a habit of catching big snapper on light gear in his home waters. He shares a few tips for targeting... Read More >

How To Get A Reefed Fish Free
December 2021

Hooking into that fish of a lifetime, or at the very least the fish of the trip, only to have it take you to ground, is... Read More >

Shallow Water Kingfish
December 2021

When December hits in Frank Watkin's small town on the Coromandel Peninsula, it's time to put the soft-baits and strayline setups away and pull out the... Read More >

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    Reel Legends Contest Cancelled

    26 January 2022

    In the face of the fast-spreading omicron variant, hosts of the 2022 Reel Legends Fishing competition, a length-based event held at the Marsden Cove marina, have...

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