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Thanks to NZ Fishing News magazine and a number of fishing journalists, we have been able to bring you a great range of 'How to' articles.There's a lot to learn about fishing and the more you know, the more you realise just how much you don't!

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Snapper Fishing with Bait and Berley
June 2024

How to catch snapper using bait and berley in winter... Read More >

How to Get the Most from Your Filleting Knife
June 2024

A quality knife is within reach of practically any budget, and here are some key things to look out for.... Read More >

Catching Southern Bluefin Tuna
June 2024

How to catch bluefin tuna with Luke Davis from Yeehaa... Read More >

Expert Surfcasting Tips
April 2024

Tony Orton shares surfcasting tips and tricks he learned from expert surfcasters Chad Prentice and Damien Sinclair on a trip in the Far North... Read More >

Livebaiting for Kingfish
April 2024

Jordan Hensen shares his tips for targeting kingfish using livebaits... Read More >

Going Deeper with Softbaits
April 2024

Many people are surprised to learn Mark Kitteridge is happy to use softbaits in 40-50 metres. Indeed, he'll even fish them in depths over 70 metres... Read More >

Gear Preparation for Marlin
March 2024

Ben Brown shares his tips and tricks for prepping gear for marlin fishing... Read More >

Which Clips for Saltwater Fishing?
March 2024

How to choose the right clips for saltwater fishing applications... Read More >

How To Fish with Dropper Rigs
March 2024

Adam Clancey shares his tips for fishing with dropper rigs... Read More >

Expert Tips for Topwater Fishing
February 2024

Grant Dixon talks to the experts about their tips and tricks for topwater fishing... Read More >

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    Fisheries Prosecutions Roundup

    19 June 2024

    Not following the rules for gathering shellfish has cost some recreational fishers thousands of dollars in fines....

    Fishing Reports Visit Reports

    Saltwater Fishing Reports
    Raglan Fishing Report - 14/06/24

    Snapper the mainstay There are plenty of good-sized, healthy snapper out there from 60m all... Read More >

    14 Jun 2024
    Saltwater Fishing Reports
    Northland Fishing Report - 14/06/24

    Snapper in close and bluenose out wide We are well into winter now, the air... Read More >

    14 Jun 2024
    Saltwater Fishing Reports
    Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report - 14/06/24

    Gurnard, anyone? Although we’ve been hamstrung by some wind from the northerly quarter of late,... Read More >

    14 Jun 2024
    Saltwater Fishing Reports
    Top of the South Fishing Report - 14/06/24

    Kingfish fishery healthy Unfortunately, work has prevented me from getting out over the last couple... Read More >

    14 Jun 2024

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