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Thanks to NZ Fishing News magazine and a number of fishing journalists, we have been able to bring you a great range of 'How to' articles.There's a lot to learn about fishing and the more you know, the more you realise just how much you don't!

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Livebaiting Basics
December 2022

Of all the forms of fishing, livebaiting would have to be one of the most productive for targeting big fish, says Adam Clancey.... Read More >

Tips for Summer Fishing
December 2022

Sunshine, long days and warming waters mark New Zealand’s summer season. Boaties flock to the water, many hoping to secure a good feed of fish. However,... Read More >

Southern Bluefin Tuna Run
November 2022

If the southern bluefin tuna run turn up off the East Cape again around July next year, then you will need to be ready at the drop of... Read More >

Gamefishing - Lure Placement and Hook Selection
November 2022

Pete McGregor has made a habit of catching marlin on his trailer boat, and he largely puts his success down to the “Bonze” method of gamefishing.... Read More >

Catching Trophy Brown Trout at Night
November 2022

When South Island contributor Greg Morton goes trout fishing, the main purpose is to catch fish. To achieve this, he needs hook-ups that stick; the phrase,... Read More >

Sounders and Fish Finder Techniques
November 2022

Modern sonar (depth sounder or fish finder) systems have a mind-boggling array of features, made even more confusing by manufacturers choosing their own name for each... Read More >

Planning a Gamefishing Trip
November 2022

Pete McGregor, a keen and successful billfish angler, shares the final instalment of his three-part guide to trailerboat fishing using light gauge gear.... Read More >

Preparing for the Gamefishing Season
November 2022

You might think that an article on game fishing at this time of the year is premature. To the contrary, this is the time to start... Read More >

Fishing in November
November 2022

November is a great fishing month, and one that Josh Darby really looks forward to for a variety of reasons. One of these is that it’s a... Read More >

Using Fish Offcuts
October 2022

So, you’ve enjoyed a rather successful day out on the water, filleted your fish and now you’re left with heads and frames you don’t know what... Read More >

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    US Ban Imports of NZ Fish

    09 December 2022

    A US court has ordered an immediate ban on importing several fish species from New Zealand’s inshore trawling and gillnet fisheries off the west coast of...

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    Rotorua Fishing Report - 01/12/22

    Making the most of the weather windows The last couple of weeks have seen our... Read More >

    Bream Bay Fishing Report - 01/12/22

    Don’t forget the harbours With the less-than-ideal sea conditions over the last fortnight, it has... Read More >

    Bay of Islands Fishing Report - 01/12/22

    Southern visitor James Lentjies – captain of the Highlanders – came into Screaming Reels the... Read More >

    Raglan Fishing Report - 01/12/22

    Spring snapper still hard on the bite With the recent onslaught of winds out west,... Read More >

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