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Thanks to NZ Fishing News magazine and a number of fishing journalists, we have been able to bring you a great range of 'How to' articles.There's a lot to learn about fishing and the more you know, the more you realise just how much you don't!

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Landbased Topwater Fishing for Kingfish
March 2023

JE Wilds has been targeting land-based kingfish on topwater lures for most of his life. Luckily for us, he’s here to divulge his top five tips... Read More >

Catching Striped Marlin on Lures - Part 1
March 2023

Luke Davis shares some tips for trolling for striped marlin... Read More >

Troutfishing With Cicada Fly Patterns
February 2023

Steve Dickinson and friends share their thoughts on how to catch fish with New Zealand’s most conspicuous bug - the Cicada (with Chris Dore and Matt... Read More >

Catching Trevally in the Hauraki Gulf
February 2023

If there is one species that Alistair Arkell wishes grew larger and more abundant in New Zealand’s waters, it would be the humble trevally.... Read More >

Catching Kingfish on Poppers and Stickbaits
February 2023

Most of the time, the first word to come out of an angler’s mouth when topwater fishing is some sort of expletive or yelling ‘YEP!’. Finn... Read More >

Selecting the best leader weight
February 2023

Thinking anglers are always looking for an edge – a change in tactics that will make them more successful at fishing. Sam Mossman reckons that one... Read More >

Servicing Surf Reels
January 2023

Reel technician James Gibbons presents a basic maintenance plan for several different reel styles. He shares some simple tips to keep readers’ surfcasters up to scratch.... Read More >

Spotting and Catching Brown Trout
January 2023

Many of the Otago places where Greg Morton fishes have dark water. Spotting a fish is virtually impossible in these locations, unless the fish is right... Read More >

Jigging For Lake Trout
January 2023

One of the most effective techniques when targeting lake trout is jigging. Unsurprisingly, it is kayak fisher Blair Whitings’ favourite technique when he heads to Taupō.... Read More >

Targeting Gurnard
January 2023

Undoubtedly, the humble gurnard is one of the ocean’s most colourful and recognisable fish. They are caught widely throughout New Zealand and are one of young... Read More >

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