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Thanks to NZ Fishing News magazine and a number of fishing journalists, we have been able to bring you a great range of 'How to' articles.There's a lot to learn about fishing and the more you know, the more you realise just how much you don't!

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Filleting Tips and Tricks
September 2023

Grant Dixon shares some simple tips that will ensure your fish is presented in pristine condition, free from any contaminating mess and moisture... Read More >

Fishing Coral Reefs with Saltwater Fly
September 2023

Craig Worthington shares his tips and tricks for 'bombie bashing'... Read More >

Setting up a Centre Console for Lure Fishing
August 2023

With the advent of braid line along with fit-for-purpose rods and reels, there has been a quiet revolution going on in the recreational fishing scene as... Read More >

Deepwater Fishing in the Tropics
August 2023

When most Kiwis think of a tropical fishing holiday, they dream about trolling for blue marlin, yellowfin tuna, mahimahi or wahoo – or jigging and popper fishing for... Read More >

Bait or Lures - What's Best?
August 2023

Mark Kitteridge asks which is better, baits or lures?... Read More >

Wash Fishing With Softbaits
August 2023

Tony Orton shares tips and techniques for fishing the wash with softbaits at the Mokohinau islands... Read More >

Winter Snapper Fishing Techniques
July 2023

As we move into the depths of winter, many anglers are inclined to hang up their rods until the following spring. Sam Mossman gives a run-down... Read More >

Jigging for Kingfish - Gear and Techniques
July 2023

Helen Horrocks shares her tips and tricks on jigging for kingfish... Read More >

Catch Your Own Baitfish
July 2023

The ability to catch your own baitfish can save you a lot of money. It can also be critical to your success – cut baits and... Read More >

Downsizing Your Gear Part 2
July 2023

In the first part of this series, writer Mark Kitteridge looked at the benefits of reducing the size of soft-baits. This time, the focus is on... Read More >

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    Exciting News for Napier's Outdoor Enthusiasts

    23 September 2023

    Burnsco has announced the opening of its latest store at 'The Crossing', 120 Taradale Rd, the heart of Napier's retail hub. This new Burnsco location builds...

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    Bream Bay Fishing Report - 21/09/23

    Fishing becoming consistent As we approach the end of September, the fishing is becoming a... Read More >

    Raglan Fishing Report - 21/09/23

    Great fishing out deeper Good fishing still prevails in the 70-meter-plus depths due to the... Read More >

    Otago Fishing Report

    West Coast best coast Sometimes you’ve just got to hit the open road.   Last... Read More >

    Top of the South Fishing Report - 21/09/23

    Waiting for weather Spring is definitely here. The blossoms are out, the days are much... Read More >

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