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Thanks to a number of publications and individuals, we are able to bring you articles in this section that are of a general fishing nature.

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Thanks to a number of publications and individuals, we are able to bring you these articles.

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A reader shares his small fishing vessel setup
December 2018

Fortunately for us, Pete ‘PJ’ Jones has narrowly avoided drowning in... Read More >

Niwa - a window into the state of your fishery
November 2018

Fisheries scientist Bruce Hartill explains how NIWA uses the information you pro... Read More >

Bluefin tuna - best practice
November 2018

August 2017 saw a phenomenal run of southern bluefin tuna off our eastern seaboa... Read More >

Campervan angling adventures in NZ
November 2018

Keen angler Nantyia Boontoong has been travelling around New Zealand with partne... Read More >

Point-loading and overloading your rod
October 2018

There are many ways to break a rod. After 56 years of fishing and five years spe... Read More >

Bluefin tuna adventures in Waihau Bay
October 2018

For the last three years Carl Muir has been ‘itching’ to tick southe... Read More >

50th Anniversary of Waihau Bay Sport Fishing Club
October 2018

Waihau Bay Sport Fishing Club has already been in the headlinesupon finding itse... Read More >

Trout fishing - Nymphing the Tongariro
October 2018

The days have grown much shorter and there’s a distinct chill is in the ai... Read More >

October 1st - trout fishing season begins
October 2018

Opening Day is racing up to meet many excited anglers, and who better to profile... Read More >

Trout fishing in strong winds - tips and tricks
September 2018

According to Greg Morton, dealing with wind does not involve simply chewing a Ga... Read More >

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