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Young Anglers Nationals Competitions
December 2022

In 2021, a group of keen junior anglers from across the country came together to form the NZSFC ‘Youth Committee'. One of their first projects was... Read More >

Trout - Fishing the Twin Kaweka Lakes
December 2022

New Zealand and big brown trout are synonymous but as James Fuller tramped along a meandering forest path in the middle of nowhere with a baby... Read More >

Skagit Fly Fishing Technique
November 2022

The two most important laws of fly fishing are that you must be able to cast the fly to the fish and then present it in... Read More >

Lows and Highs of a Contest Angler
November 2022

Mark Kitteridge experienced the very best and the very worst of contest fishing during a recent competition. He shares the story of the trip…... Read More >

New Zealand Fishing News 2022 Christmas Gift Guide
November 2022

The beauty about buying gifts for anglers and boaties is that there is an endless range of options – everything from the latest lure through to... Read More >

The Wilkies: Lifelong Crayfishers
November 2022

As a younger diehard recreational angler, I used to view commercial fishers as the ‘bad guys’. But with age and experience comes some wisdom, and now... Read More >

Bait vs Lures
November 2022

Mark Kitteridge weighs in on one of the oldest angling debates…... Read More >

The Ugly Side of the Modern Fishing World
November 2022

Charter Captain Nick Jones shares his thoughts on a new Kiwi business selling fishing spots.... Read More >

Export NZ Fishing Competition – Quarterly Update
October 2022

It’s been a cracking start to the 2022-23 season of the Export NZ Fishing Competition!... Read More >

Great Prize Package for ARHT Lottery
October 2022

Money raised from the current Auckland Westpac Rescue Trust’s lottery will help save lives and fund at least 185 missions this summer. Last year, the Auckland... Read More >

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    US Ban Imports of NZ Fish

    09 December 2022

    A US court has ordered an immediate ban on importing several fish species from New Zealand’s inshore trawling and gillnet fisheries off the west coast of...

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    Outriggers this time
    in The Work-Up
    46 minutes ago

    If part of it is about keeping the lures out the turbulent white water, would it not make sense to have the two corners further back...

    What the heck was it?
    in The Briny Bar
    54 minutes ago
    Bounty Hunter

    30lb snapper that was then eaten by a bronzie?...

    Tow Vehicles, yet again
    in The Briny Bar
    3 hours ago

    All I would do if I owned another Kia for towing would be to put some heavier shocks in the back. If there's too much weight...

    Auckland Yakkers
    in Yak Yak Yak
    5 hours ago

    I have the Garmin Striker and there's always the one pin which goes green if I don't look after it after each trip. I think its...

    Digital Multimeter
    in The Boat Shed
    14 hours ago

    As Salty C said a clamp Ammeter is fantastic. Instant information to the amount of current in a wire. It won't catch really short transients, but...

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