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Good knots are essential and all too often a trophy fish is lost when a knot fails because it hasn't been correctly tied. Half a dozen knots will cover almost all fishing situations and wiith a little practice, a good knot will be tied well every time. Over time we'll be adding the ones we like and use often.

The Uni Knot

The number one all-time favourite and handiest knot you'll ever learn. Can be used on most lineweights and for tying hooks, swivels and lures. Versatile, essential and if it's the only knot you can remember, will be adequate for most general fishing situations


The FG Knot

This is our preferred  braid-to-mono leader connection and you can use it with light braid for soft-baitong, slow-jigging and micro-jigging thru to braids for heavier applications like top-water fishing and jigging. Tried and tested by Sportfishing magazine in 2010, the FG knot was the strongest of 44 knots tied frequently by readers for this type of connection and here's a couple of quick ways to tie it.


The 30 second bimini twist

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