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Kiwi fisho's are unquestionably some of the more inventive people on the planet. If there's a better, faster, smarter way of doing it with some string, wire, tape and a few bits from under the house, then it's been done.

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Anchoring Tips: Part 1
November 2022

Anchoring is a key skill for all boaters – whether you’re a fisher, an overnight adventurer, or simply like parking up in a sheltered bay to... Read More >

DIY Fish Smoker from a Filing Cabinet
August 2022

How to convert an old filing cabinet into a fish smoker.... Read More >

Surfcasting - terminal tackle rigs

How to bling up your terminal tackle rigs for Surfcasting... Read More >

Bait - Long life pillies for camping trips
May 2013

When hours away from civilisation and electricity keeping bait from rotting and falling apart can be a problem. I buy fresh pilchards (frozen works as well... Read More >

Better catch rates at the right times
October 2012

Keep in contact with dairy farmers around the area you plan to fish. Keep an eye on the dairy cows feed times before you go fishing,... Read More >

Extra secure knots
April 2011

There has been some debate about this in various internet forums, but I have decided that for that extra bit of confidence, this suggestion has some... Read More >

Tackle care - preventing rust
February 2011

This may have been discussed before, but it still surprises me that most people I talk to seem to accept their tackle rusting away as unavoidable... Read More >

Save your trailer light plug and cable
June 2010

After parking the trailer outside in our car park area and having people run over light cable severing it and breaking points several times, I came... Read More >

Winch handle repair using shrinkwrap
February 2010

If your winch handles are getting a bit scruffy and perished here is an easy way to repair them. Obtain some heavy duty heat shrink tubing... Read More >

Fishing rod eyes with ceramic inserts
February 2011

There is nothing more annoying than when you find your rod has suffered a bit of a knock which has caused the ceramic insert to dislodge... Read More >


    Latest News

    US Ban Imports of NZ Fish

    09 December 2022

    A US court has ordered an immediate ban on importing several fish species from New Zealand’s inshore trawling and gillnet fisheries off the west coast of...

    WIN with Honda Marine this Summer!
    7 December 2022

    Thanks to Honda Marine, we have a calendar listing of the major fishing tournaments and contests coming up over the next few months.... Read More >

    Boat Show Gate Prize Worth Over $300K
    6 December 2022

    The Surtees/Yamaha Grand Prize package for the 2023 Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show will be worth over $300,000 and will be the most valuable must-be-won prize... Read More >

    Commercial Fisher's Actions 'Disappointing'
    5 December 2022

    A Southland fishing company and its skipper have been fined a total of $52,000, along with a three-year ban from pāua fishing, for various regulations transgressions.... Read More >

    Export Fishing Comp: Grand Prize Boat Announcement
    3 December 2022

    After the success of last season's grand prize, the $80,000 Extreme 545 Centre Console, the team at Export couldn't wait for the 2022-23 Export NZ Fishing Competition.... Read More >

    NZ's Latest Fishing Reports - 01/12/22
    2 December 2022

    Brought to you by Mercury, check out the latest from around the country. Find a weather window, get out there and drop a line... Read More >

    Legasea Benefits $60K from Bayleys Fishing Classic
    2 December 2022

    Bayleys Real Estate hosted its revamped Fishing Classic on October 27-28 after a 14-year hiatus.... Read More >

    Kaikōura Pāua Fishery Remains Closed
    1 December 2022

    With summer coming up, Fisheries New Zealand is reminding everyone that the Kaikōura pāua fishery remains closed and harvesting pāua is illegal.... Read More >

    Hapuku Bag Limits Reduced
    29 November 2022

    The daily limits on recreationally caught hāpuku (also known as groper) and bass will be lowered to a total of two per person in some areas,... Read More >

    New Products - Shimano Freshwater Setup
    27 November 2022

    The latest freshwater products from Shimano have hit the market. Upgrade your game today!... Read More >

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      Outriggers this time
      in The Work-Up
      31 minutes ago

      Because its only part of it MB. The flat lines run in the clear window between the prop wash and the hull wakes. The main purpose...

      What the heck was it?
      in The Briny Bar
      1 hour ago
      Bounty Hunter

      30lb snapper that was then eaten by a bronzie?...

      Tow Vehicles, yet again
      in The Briny Bar
      4 hours ago

      All I would do if I owned another Kia for towing would be to put some heavier shocks in the back. If there's too much weight...

      Auckland Yakkers
      in Yak Yak Yak
      6 hours ago

      I have the Garmin Striker and there's always the one pin which goes green if I don't look after it after each trip. I think its...

      Digital Multimeter
      in The Boat Shed
      15 hours ago

      As Salty C said a clamp Ammeter is fantastic. Instant information to the amount of current in a wire. It won't catch really short transients, but...

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