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Kiwi fisho's are unquestionably some of the more inventive people on the planet. If there's a better, faster, smarter way of doing it with some string, wire, tape and a few bits from under the house, then it's been done.

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Which Skipper are You?
February 2023

There is a well-known truism in boating circles: there are only two types of skipper, those that have hit rocks, and those that are going to... Read More >

Staying Trim this Summer
January 2023

Innovated and engineered in Vancouver, the Dometic Trim Tab system will enhance hull performance across all boating areas, from optimising fuel efficiency to the hole shot... Read More >

Trailer Sway and How to Avoid It
December 2022

Whether you’ve got the boat or the caravan in tow, trailer snaking, shaking, or swaying is something all towers dread. Caused by a combination of factors... Read More >

Anchoring Tips: Part 2
December 2022

Realising you’re fouled on the bottom when you attempt to weigh anchor is not a great feeling. Thankfully, there are a few things that can help... Read More >

Anchoring Tips: Part 1
November 2022

Anchoring is a key skill for all boaters – whether you’re a fisher, an overnight adventurer, or simply like parking up in a sheltered bay to... Read More >

DIY Fish Smoker from a Filing Cabinet
August 2022

How to convert an old filing cabinet into a fish smoker.... Read More >

Surfcasting - terminal tackle rigs

How to bling up your terminal tackle rigs for Surfcasting... Read More >

Bait - Long life pillies for camping trips
May 2013

When hours away from civilisation and electricity keeping bait from rotting and falling apart can be a problem. I buy fresh pilchards (frozen works as well... Read More >

Better catch rates at the right times
October 2012

Keep in contact with dairy farmers around the area you plan to fish. Keep an eye on the dairy cows feed times before you go fishing,... Read More >

Extra secure knots
April 2011

There has been some debate about this in various internet forums, but I have decided that for that extra bit of confidence, this suggestion has some... Read More >


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    17 March 2023

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    4 March 2023

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      Not very fashionable, but the Swedish-made Abu Garcia baitcasters (e.g. 6500 C3) are very reliable and lightweight. Available in left hand wind too if that's your...

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      I was recommended Mariner by a mate and they were good to deal with, but haven't made a claim. That's when it matters....

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