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Kiwi fisho's are unquestionably some of the more inventive people on the planet. If there's a better, faster, smarter way of doing it with some string, wire, tape and a few bits from under the house, then it's been done.

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Winter Snapper Fishing
June 2023

Gene and Nicole Bryant from Strictly Land-Based look forward to the three coldest months of the year. While other anglers are packing up rods and storing... Read More >

Which Skipper are You?
February 2023

There is a well-known truism in boating circles: there are only two types of skipper, those that have hit rocks, and those that are going to... Read More >

Staying Trim this Summer
January 2023

Innovated and engineered in Vancouver, the Dometic Trim Tab system will enhance hull performance across all boating areas, from optimising fuel efficiency to the hole shot... Read More >

Trailer Sway and How to Avoid It
December 2022

Whether you’ve got the boat or the caravan in tow, trailer snaking, shaking, or swaying is something all towers dread. Caused by a combination of factors... Read More >

Anchoring Tips: Part 2
December 2022

Realising you’re fouled on the bottom when you attempt to weigh anchor is not a great feeling. Thankfully, there are a few things that can help... Read More >

Anchoring Tips: Part 1
November 2022

Anchoring is a key skill for all boaters – whether you’re a fisher, an overnight adventurer, or simply like parking up in a sheltered bay to... Read More >

DIY Fish Smoker from a Filing Cabinet
August 2022

How to convert an old filing cabinet into a fish smoker.... Read More >

Surfcasting - terminal tackle rigs

How to bling up your terminal tackle rigs for Surfcasting... Read More >

Latest News

Fisheries Prosecutions Roundup

19 June 2024

Not following the rules for gathering shellfish has cost some recreational fishers thousands of dollars in fines....

Latest Fishing Reports - 14/06/24
14 June 2024

The latest fishing reports from around New Zealand - brought to you by Mercury Marine.... Read More >

Export NZ Fishing Competition Prize Boat Winner
14 June 2024

Carla Goudie, a keen landbased angler from the Waikato, has driven away with The Export NZ Fishing Competition 2023/24 season prize boat!... Read More >

Proposed Temporary Closure for Harvesting Mussels
13 June 2024

Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Awa has requested a two-year closure over an area within Ōhiwa Harbour to the harvest of mussels.... Read More >

Rethink, Repower with Suzuki
7 June 2024

Thinking about repowering your boat? There are lots of reasons to choose Suzuki.... Read More >

Latest Fishing Reports - 31/05/24
31 May 2024

The latest fishing reports from around New Zealand - brought to you by Mercury Marine.... Read More >

Can Aquaculture Boost Wild Fish Populations?
29 May 2024

Mussel and seaweed farming in New Zealand can increase wild fish populations and bolster diversity, according to new international research.... Read More >

Hutchwilco NZ Boat Show Exhibitor Function Unites Industry
29 May 2024

An all-inclusive exhibitor function was a highlight of this year’s Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show for exhibitors.... Read More >

Fighting Illegal Fishing in the Pacific
21 May 2024

IUU fishing is an ongoing problem for New Zealand and the Pacific, undermining sustainability and economic stability.... Read More >

Latest Fishing Reports - 17/05/24
17 May 2024

The latest fishing reports from around New Zealand - brought to you by Mercury Marine.... Read More >

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    The 2024 Franklin Hunting & Fishing Grunter H...
    in The Briny Bar
    9 hours ago

    Blimmin weighmasters😂.All good smudge, I'll make sure Drakar and I get some practice in before next time.Catchya thenðŸ‘쳌...

    Auckland Yakkers
    in Yak Yak Yak
    10 hours ago

    Another beauty Dave, and not a bad bycatch on the gurnard rig....

    Awaawaroa Bay Waiheke.
    in Fishing Reports
    10 hours ago
    Reel Deal

    I’ve had XXL kingies do that. Figured out every time I -Ulladulla a fish up it ignored but anything thrown back was chased down and munched....

    Manukau Harbour & West Coast fishing
    in Fishing Reports
    11 hours ago

    Plenty of carrots for dinner (9) but no prize winners this year (biggest was 44cm). Caught all of them in deep water during slack tide. Our...

    Coastguard Summer Lottery
    in The Briny Bar
    14 hours ago

    Of course as boat owners we can afford but just dont want too.Build in to cost of insurance,licence boat holders etcWhat else is the navy doing??Go...

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    14 Jun 2024
    Saltwater Fishing Reports
    Northland Fishing Report - 14/06/24

    Snapper in close and bluenose out wide We are well into winter now, the air... Read More >

    14 Jun 2024
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    Gurnard, anyone? Although we’ve been hamstrung by some wind from the northerly quarter of late,... Read More >

    14 Jun 2024
    Saltwater Fishing Reports
    Top of the South Fishing Report - 14/06/24

    Kingfish fishery healthy Unfortunately, work has prevented me from getting out over the last couple... Read More >

    14 Jun 2024