Fish fillets (kahawai ,snapper ,dory,kingfish or,puka )
Juliene,carrots,parsnips,and celery
Sliced Zuchini,button mushrooms,tomatoes,spring onions,red,green and yellow capsicums
Small slivers of streaky bacon
Olive oil
Crushed ginger
Whole grain mustard
Masterfoods lemon pepper
Sour cream
Butter or margerine

In this case it was Kahawai fillets
Lay down a section of tinfoil ,smear butter on and wholegrain mustard and crushed ginger

  Lay your fish fillets on top of butter

  Then lay your other  ingredients on top of the fish

Season with salt and,lemon pepper,drizzle olive oil over it and squeeze on some lime juice

Parcel up making sure there are no points for the juices to leak out

lay on baking tray and cook in a preheated oven at 200 C for 10-15 mins depending on parcel size.If in doubt leave it longer as you cant really overcook as all the juices stay inside keeping the fish moist.I prefer my vegies firm so only cook for 10 mins
Take the leftover ingredients and finely chop up ,add them to some cooked rice along with a tablespoon of butter and a teaspoon of curry powder with some masterfoods chicken salt .gently fluff them all together to make a nice rice side dish

Place parcel straight on plate with rice ,slice open with sharp knife and lay the foil back to allow access, squeeze some more lime juice over and add a good dollop of sour cream on top

  This should be the end result

 I like this recipe for lots of reasons
You can add or change the ingredients to suit yourself ,weve done it with all sorts of fish fillets in combination with prawns ,crayfish ,scallops .you change the seasonings to suit your own taste s like garlic,chillis ,dill,soy sauce ,worchestershire sauce ,chilli sauce
You can add pineapple pieces ,mango slices ,or bananas sliced longways
They can be done in the oven in winter and on the BBQ in summer
There is virtually no cooking mess and therefore very little washing up (most important)
We like to make it a social event as every one has different tastes ,you lay out all the ingredients and let everyone make their own ,the kids love it as they dont have to have the yucky stuff they dont like
Simply wrap twists of tinfoil or twist ends differently to indentify everyones parcels
They can be served with rice ,chips ,coleslaw and potato salad whatever you fancy
This combination is my all time favourite though and I suggest you try it before you experiment

Thanks to "whiti-Fisho" for this recipe.

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