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Fishing Calendar for: September 2022

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Maori fishing calendar

Our Maori fishing calendar comes to you courtesy of fishing guru, Bill Hohepa. There’s no doubt the calendar can be a good indicator of days where feeding times for animals and fish will be more intense so it’s worth checking before you plan that next trip.

Here's what Bill has to say:

"The Bill Hohepa fishing calendar has taken information from a variety of historical sources, including Mr Best’s book, together with actual fishing research taken over the past 30 years on when and how long fish bite in relation to the moon phases. There are many variables that contribute to fish feeding habits including the effect of the moon, barometric pressure, water temperature etc, so the calendar is only a guide.

One thing I have noticed though over the years, in particular, is the influence of the tide. It seems to me that the fishing is better on an incoming tide when the moon is waning, and fishing is better on the outgoing tide when the moon is waxing. If you can see the moon, the best time in my experience, is when it is at the 2 o'clock position in the sky"

Excellent means up to 1 hour's good fishing - Good means up to 30 minutes and Poor up to 15 minutes. . 

Good luck" - Billy Ho.


Latest Reports

Bream Bay Fishing Report - 22/09/22
Saltwater reports

"There is only good news in this report. Everyone I have spoken to has been getting among the fish, even when the Moon/Tide calendars say ‘stay... Read More >

Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report – Bruce Duncan - 22/09/22
Saltwater reports

"Snapper are just now starting to school up as their roe enlarges. At present the schools are fairly small but will increase in size as the... Read More >

Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report - Espresso - 22/09/22
Saltwater reports

The rumble in the jungle regarding spring snapper fishing is good, very good. Are you planning to be hot on the heels of some snapper?... Read More >

Tauranga Fishing Report - 22/09/22
Saltwater reports

"The north-western ‘top’ part of the island had plenty of mackerel and other small baitfish cruising around in good numbers, with a few small snapper among... Read More >

Raglan Fishing Report - 22/09/22
Saltwater reports

"West and north of the bar leads in around 55-65m have been producing the best with good-sized snapper schooling – with some big moochers in the... Read More >

Turangi - Taupo Fishing Report - 22/09/22
Freshwater reports

"The fishing has continued to fire with both the Tongariro and Tauranga-Taupo producing good numbers of fish.... Read More >

Canterbury Fishing Report - 22/09/22
Freshwater reports

"Once again, the weather has been settled over the past two weeks, but the sea has been a bit lumpy locally making it tough on the... Read More >

Canterbury Fishing Report - September 8th, 2022
Freshwater reports

In contrast to the last two reports I submitted, the weather has been quite kind to us over the past couple of weeks, settled and warm,... Read More >

Taupo/Turangi Fishing Report - September 8th, 2022
Freshwater reports

"The fantastic fishing continues on the Central Plateau after our last big flood. The Tongariro has seen some significant changes down the lower end with tracks... Read More >

Bream Bay Fishing Report - September 8th, 2022
Saltwater reports

"You don’t have to go far to find work-up action in Bream Bay currently. But don’t expect to return to the same location day after day... Read More >

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