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Fishing Calendar for: March 2023

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Maori fishing calendar

Our Maori fishing calendar comes to you courtesy of fishing guru, Bill Hohepa. There’s no doubt the calendar can be a good indicator of days where feeding times for animals and fish will be more intense so it’s worth checking before you plan that next trip.

Here's what Bill has to say:

"The Bill Hohepa fishing calendar has taken information from a variety of historical sources, including Mr Best’s book, together with actual fishing research taken over the past 30 years on when and how long fish bite in relation to the moon phases. There are many variables that contribute to fish feeding habits including the effect of the moon, barometric pressure, water temperature etc, so the calendar is only a guide.

One thing I have noticed though over the years, in particular, is the influence of the tide. It seems to me that the fishing is better on an incoming tide when the moon is waning, and fishing is better on the outgoing tide when the moon is waxing. If you can see the moon, the best time in my experience, is when it is at the 2 o'clock position in the sky"

Excellent means up to 1 hour's good fishing - Good means up to 30 minutes and Poor up to 15 minutes. . 

Good luck" - Billy Ho.


Latest Reports

Canterbury Fishing Report - 23/03/23
Freshwater reports

"The seasons are starting to feel like they are changing, which gets our trout anglers thinking about spawning fish, particularly in our lakes."... Read More >

Raglan Fishing Report - 23/03/23
Saltwater reports

"With the days growing shorter and the water cooling, the snapper have been on the bite in the 20-35 metre depth range both north and south... Read More >

Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report – Bruce Duncan - 23/03/23
Saltwater reports

"Lure fishing is now very hit-and-miss in the inner gulf. A well-known softbaiting advocate told me he covered an area from Rangitoto out to the Noises... Read More >

Bay of Islands Fishing Report - 23/03/23
Saltwater reports

"The weather continues to be mostly settled and the shop has been doing a steady trade as a result. I went out last week for a... Read More >

Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report - Espresso - 23/03/23
Saltwater reports

"Birds are usually with, near or diving on them – even if they’re just sitting on the water you can be sure anchovies will not be... Read More >

Tauranga Area Report - 23/03/23
Saltwater reports

"The tarakihi size has been much better fishing in the 75 to 80-metre depths and the odd double or even triple hookup on these great-eating fish.... Read More >

Hauraki Gulf – Snap Fishing Adventures - 23/03/23
Saltwater reports

"Autumn has turned out to be better than summer with crisp clear days and lots of bait and fish around the Gulf. ... Read More >

Bream Bay Fishing Report - 23/03/23
Saltwater reports

"This is the time of year when the anchovy schools are thick up and down the coast, and Bream Bay is no exception.... Read More >

Canterbury Fishing Report - 09/03/23
Freshwater reports

"The weather has been a bit of a mixed bag this time around, but still, the opportunities have been there. Taking the chance when it’s there... Read More >

Rotorua Fishing Report - 09/03/23
Freshwater reports

"The Ngongotahā Stream is now clean and fishable. It has suffered flood damage, but good numbers of fish have entered the stream and will continue to... Read More >

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