Snapper Lures

Grant Dixon lists some of the new lures on the market...

Black Magic Flipper Jigs

Black Magic’s Flipper Jig range now has four exciting new colours, providing you with even more options when using this popular metal jig. The 4 new jigs – Blumo, Fiery Tiger, Pinky and Night Rider – are custom designed with a crackle paint finish and feature a mix of luminous and high UV content making them particularly attractive to kingfish, snapper and other predatory species. Flipper jigs are a slow pitch metal jig, designed to fall with wide and sweeping side-to-side movements, and retrieve with an erratic darting action, imitating wounded baitfish. Available in 60g, 80g, 100g and 150g weights, rigged with 2 x extra strong assist hooks on Kevlar thread.

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BCS: Zest Gan Jigs

The new Zest Gan Jigs are excellent for casting, vertical and slow jigging. These jigs come in a variety of colours to entice the hungriest predators. They’re also equipped with twin assist hooks for better hook-ups. Featuring a fast-sliding action, the jigs are deadly on snapper and many other species. Weight: 35g.

Available in Blue, Pink, Orange, Green and Silver.

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Berkley Skid Jig – ZEB

The Berkley Jig Skid has rapidly made a name for itself as a proven fish catcher with a unique body and incredible action that entices quality reef species, one after another. Japanese designed, it is a slow pitch jig that has a wide sweeping action to imitate a fleeing squid. New to the line-up are four lumo-painted stripe colours for an extra advantage, enticing more bites when fishing the depths. Fitted with Owner JF-22 hooks and available in 20g, 40g, 60g, 80g, 100g, 120g and 150g.

Berkley Gulp 7-Inch Crazy Legs

The all-new Berkley Gulp! 7” Crazy Legs Jerkshad combines two proven fish-catching features into the ultimate larger profile lure. Featuring a long and slender body design with twin tail filaments, the Gulp! 7” Crazy Legs has an irresistible action that fish simply cannot resist. With the added tail design, the legendary jerkshad profile now has an incredible fluid-like swimming action on the sink that comes to life with even the slightest of rod movements.

Berkley Squid Vicious new colours

Developed for deep water reef fishing, the Berkley Gulp! Squid Vicious is the ultimate imitation of a squid or small octopus. In the water, the life-like legs pulsate at the slowest of speeds allowing the Squid Vicious to be fished as a static bait with even the gentlest of lifts to impart an irrespirable action that fish cannot resist.

The Squid Vicious has also been has a new and exciting paint job, featuring a range of both realistic and eye-capturing colours that are sure to get a bite in both shallow and deep water. Whether you are bouncing it off structure in the deep, or fishing it shallow for a big winter snapper, the Squid Vicious is a must-have for anyone who wants to catch more fish!

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Shimano: Ocea Bettyu Hiramasa 190F

The Bettyu Hiramasa 190F is the big brother to last year’s 160F model. Utilising Shimano’s patented ‘Flashboost’ lure technology. For those looking for a stickbait with a larger profile and heavier weight, which is packed with features, need look no further!

The Bettyu Hiramasa 190F is a 190mm long floating stickbait that weighs in at 86g. These lures come fully rigged with 2 x 3/0 Owner trebles and Owner HD split rings – ready to go from the packet.

With an aggressive bubble trail, attractive side-to-side swimming action, fish enticing Flashboost technology, as well as Scale Boost tech, Kingfish just can’t resist it. This lure is a must-have in any topwater lure collection!

Size: 190mm / 86g. Type: Floating. Colours: Sardine, Pink, UV White, Juvenile Kahawai (NZ only) and Mullet (NZ only).

Shimano: RakuChan Baku Baku

Rakuchan, meaning ‘easy change’ in Japanese, features a head and skirt system that can be taken off and replaced without having to cut your leader or tie new knots. The head system works on a patented clip design that allows it to separate into two equal pieces. From here you can change head colour or size/weight easily by adjusting the internal tube length and then putting the head together and pressing the clip back into place. The skirt system works in a similar way, being held by a spring steel clip. By flicking the clip open you can easily replace, add or completely change your skirts to match your needs at the time.

All heads feature patented ‘Scaleboost’ technology, UV paint and a colour design that has been tested and proven to be deadly in NZ waters.

Available in 4 colours (Orange Scale, Chartreuse Hot Spot Scale, Keimura Scale and Black / Gold Scale) and three weights (80g, 100g and 120g). Replacement hook/skirts also available.

Belowthesurface - New Zealand designed lures

Belowthesurface are New Zealand designed lures, proven to catch fish, that can be fished with or without a skirt. Cast them, jjg them, slow pitch them, or fast jig them – the choice is yours. Likely target species include snapper, kingfish, kahawai, gurnard, and trevally – they’ve caught ‘em all!

Three sizes are available 30g, 60g and 110g in all your favourite colours. Available online at or at selected retailers, check out the website for a store near you.

November 2022 - Grant Dixon
New Zealand Fishing News Magazine.
Copyright: NZ Fishing Media Ltd.
Re-publishing elsewhere is prohibited

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