Phoenix Metalman Recycling - LegaSea Lifeblood

Contemporary buzzwords like ‘sustainability‘, environmental responsibility’, and ‘transformation’ are bandied about a lot these days, but it’s rare to come across an organisation that genuinely walks the talk in this space. Enter Phoenix Metalman Recycling, a 100% Kiwi-owned, nationwide recycling business focused on the circular economy.

What is the circular economy, you might ask?

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It’s an economic system based on the reuse and regeneration of materials or products. Phoenix plays their part by recovering metals that are infinitely recyclable in order to reduce the demand for landfill, deforestation, mining, and emissions.

“We have the protection of New Zealand’s environment at the core of our business purpose,” says Executive Director, CEO, and founder Eldon Reeve.

Last year (FY22) Phoenix Metalman recycled 99.427% of all the materials they processed – over 100,000 tonnes.

But how do we know it’s not all hot air? Well, last year (FY22) Phoenix Metalman recycled 99.427% of all the materials they processed – over 100,000 tonnes. And their work is backed by corresponding sustainability data and emissions reporting for customers.

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“Sustainability data is the new currency of business; we consolidate our independently certified recycling data to assist businesses in the communication of their sustainability journeys,” explains Executive Director/Chief Sustainability Officer Hilary West-Reeve.

“Sustainability data is the new currency of business."

In addition, Phoenix are independently Toitu Envirocare Net Carbon Zero certified – offsetting every truck kilometre, every equipment movement between and within their yards and demolition sites, and every container movement to the destination port of their global recycling partners as they electrify.

Fortuitously for us recreational fishos, Phoenix are making waves in the fisheries arena, too. As a LegaSea Platinum Partner, they’re not only donating money but also getting directly involved in projects with the non-profit charity that champions fisheries abundance.

The Phoenix Metalman Recycling crew are avid fishers and divers.

Phoenix’s journey with LegaSea started with a meeting on Kawau Island’s Vivian Bay. Scott Macindoe – LegaSea’s head honcho – and his family have been beach neighbours with Hilary’s family at Vivian Bay for a very long time. In typical Scott fashion, after learning the pair were avid fishers and divers, it wasn’t long before they were ‘invited’ along on a scallop dive.

“It wasn’t so much of an invitation as an ultimatum – I don’t think I had a choice,” laughs Eldon. After a successful dive, they got chatting about LegaSea over a couple of beers. Eldon and Hilary learned that the non-profit organisation was dedicated to restoring the abundance, biodiversity, and health of New Zealand’s marine environment.

Initially donating personally, they soon decided to help out at the corporate level. “Once we understood the length and breadth of all LegaSea were doing, we couldn’t not be involved.”

Phoenix is serious about sustainability and educating the next generation.

Aside from significant direct investments to LegaSea, Pheonix are delivering marine-oriented projects such as Cans for Kai and the salvaging of materials from old, unwanted boats. Cans for Kai is a fundraising programme, launched in July this year, whereby beverage cans are collected from fishers and recycled.

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Phoenix’s journey with LegaSea started with a neighbourly meeting on Kawau Island’s Vivian Bay.

“Now, charter boats and recreational fishers can drop off aluminium cans at our Kai Ika stations while we fillet their fish. In partnership with Pheonix Metalman we recycle the cans to fund the project – waste not, want not,” says LegaSea’s Corporate Sponsorship Lead Dallas Abel. Y

You can find out more about Phoenix Metalman Recycling and their services HERE.

September 2023 - Nick Jones
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