Valued Introduced Species Recognised In Biodiversity Strategy

Valued Introduced Species Recognised In Biodiversity Strategy

Courtesy of Fish & Game New Zealand

Fish & Game New Zealand welcomes the inclusion of valued introduced species into Te Mana o Te Taiao - Aotearoa New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy 2020.

"It is encouraging to see the strong recognition of the place of valued introduced species, such as trout, salmon and ducks, in New Zealand’s biodiversity," Fish & Game New Zealand Chief Executive Martin Taylor says.

"The strategy represents a cohesive document that balances a number of interests and reaches an outcome that all New Zealanders can stand behind. The inclusion of a strong te ao M?ori perspective, missing from the prior strategy, will also be critical to the ongoing success of this document.

"Sports fish and game birds represent a hugely valued recreational and cultural resource to over 150,000 New Zealanders."

New Zealand is an internationally renowned trout and salmon fishing destination offering a unique opportunity to fish for large fish in spectacular scenery. New Zealand offers a wide variety of angling opportunities, from backcountry fishing throughout the nation, winter-run fish, and superb lake fisheries.

As well as freshwater fishing, over 40,000 people purchase a New Zealand game bird licence through Fish & Game each year. To this can be added the vast number of rural land occupiers who hunt on their own properties. Game bird hunting has a strong history in New Zealand, and game bird hunters tend to be strong conservationists that seek the protection of wetland habits.

"The strategy represents the optimal balance between ensuring that protection is given to New Zealand’s unique indigenous biodiversity while acknowledging the important role that introduced species play from a recreational, economic and subsistence perspective."

"We are also encouraged to see that the freshwater environmental work that Fish & Game has undertaken to the benefit of all species, indigenous and introduced alike, has been acknowledged.

"This document represents a positive start in reversing the decline of New Zealand’s biodiversity, but it is critical that all remain unified to ensure that the goals and outcomes of the strategy are implemented."

13 August 2020

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