Rheem Offsite Issue 7 - Out Now

Rheem Offsite Issue 7  - Out Now

Ready for Take Off

May 4 marked the start of duck shooting season, which traditionally sees keen hunter all around New Zealand huddled in maimais in the pre-dawn darkness. Opening Saturday is as much about camaraderie as it is about shooting a big bag.

In this issue Barry Sharplin suggests there's more to game bird hunting than ducks. Make the most of your licence, he writes, and get out after paradise ducks, swans, pheasants and quail - even pukeko. They all provide challenging hunting and most are great table fare.

The Editor talks to a couple of expert jet-ski fishers and gets the lowdown on what makes a good fishing Personal Watercraft (PWC).

Other features include an unlikely tale of fishing gear lost and found in the remote Mohaka River wilderness and much more!

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05 June 2018

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