Berkley Juke

Berkely Juke

Berkley has teamed up with hard bait legend and expert, David Fritts, to create the bait of every angler's dream. Features such as the flat baitfish profile and additional rattles create maximum attraction, making the Berkley Juke a unique and effective product.

The Berkley Juke is highly versatile. It can be cranked, twitched and trolled with lifelike movement, enticing strikes from a variety of fish. Its coffin-shaped bill allows maximum darting action and side flash with limited rod movement.

The balanced design throws straight and far and is consistently ready to run right out of the package. The long-distance castability puts the bait in the strike zone.

The Berkley Juke is 3"-5" in size and comes in 18 distinct colors – including Fool's Gold, Black Silver Chrome, and Green Mist.

10 August 2017

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