Humphree X-series interceptor review

Humphree X-series interceptor review

Designed in Sweden, the new X-Series of Humphree interceptors are the ultimate option for boaties looking to improve the fuel efficiency, comfort and stability of their vessel.

An upgrade from standard trim tabs, Humphree interceptors are faster and more efficient, boasting a 0.7 (24Volt) second response time. Volpower’s head office plays host to a demonstration simulator which makes it easy to visualise how quickly and accurately these interceptors monitor and react to the motions of a hull. Turn the steering wheel left for a tight turn, and the interceptors engage immediately, righting the hull and keeping the boat running flat. Accelerate quickly to get up on the plane, and the interceptors deploy, creating lift force from the stern of your hull to reduce the wave resistance and as a result, increase performance and fuel efficiency.


The X-Series boasts four key functions:

Auto-Trim – When accelerating, the interceptors deploy to get your hull planed quickly, and efficiently, reducing drag and as a result, fuel consumption. (standard with every kit)

Auto-List – Humphree’s system constantly monitors the list angle of your boat, and makes constant, small adjustments to keep your hull riding flat, rather than listing due to a side on sea, or uneven load.

Coordinated Turn – Engage the controlled turn function before making tight, rolling turns and the Humphree system will keep your hull riding flat, reducing excessive list and keeping your boat steady. (steering feedback signal required)

And the top of the range option...

Active Ride Control – The ultimate function in the Humphree system, Active Ride Control constantly monitors the trim and list of your vessel, to reduce any porpoising, rolling, or digging into swells to maintain a smooth, dry ride.

These four functions are controlled by a compact, easy to use dash monitor, which visualised the trim and list of your vessel, and shows what actions the Humphree interceptors are making to ensure a comfortable ride.

If you’re invested in a 25ft + boat and looking to take your vessel to the next level, these are definitely worth a look.

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December 2018 - Miah Dixon
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