Hauraki Hotspot - 20

General Area: Auckland Harbour, West Bastion Reef

GPS Mark: S36-50-247   E174-50-103

Species: Snapper, king fish, kahawai 

Season: Summer:  From October snapper move into the upper harbour. Winter: a number of snapper some up to 6-8 kg.

Wind direction/Tides: Outgoing: only NW to SW

How to fish this spot.

This spot can only be effectively fished on an outgoing tide. I suggest that you first look at this spot at low tide so you can see where best to anchor. 

Anchor to within casting distance of the finger of submerged reef which lies to the west of the main reef. There is a channel [gutter] between the submerged reef and the main reef which is exposed at low tide. Use lots of burly and ground bait as the tide will take it over the submerged reef through the gutter. Cast a pattern of lightly weighted baits to the edge of the kelp.

Bruce Duncan  - 2015.

Fishing bite times

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Major Bites

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