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Fasher rigs have become a mainstream method to catch fish. Flasher rigs are very versatile and will catch just about any fish species that swims in the ocean. A flasher rig is basically a dropper rig with the hook spiced up with some bright/sparking material or feathers to help entice the bite.

These rigs come in a variety of colours and hook styles. The most common hook style is the circle hook, but octopus hook rigs  and long shank hook rigs are also available. When using standard hook rigs, on feeling a bite, you should strike the fish.

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Any flasher rig that has recurve or circle hooks shouldn't be struck however.  The trick with circle hooks on this rig is not strike the fish, but instead wind the handle when you feel the rod tip starting to bounce from bites. This will roll the hook into the side of the jaw. If you strike when using a circle hook you will often just pull the hook straight out of the fish's mouth.

Small cut baits are best fished on flasher rigs, cut your bait into bite size cubes, this will stop the pickers from grabbing part of the bait and ripping it from the hook, the flash will entice the fish to often get aggressive and swallow the whole bait in one go.

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How to make your own flasher rigs

Check out our forum topic on how to make you own Flasher rigs here

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