Rigs - The Dropper or Ledger Rig

A popular rig for a wide range of fishing options that includes deep water drifting and channel fishing and is effective on most species.

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The rig is a series of hooks branched out from the leader either through a loop or dropper knot or by using branch swivels crimped to the line. make a figure of 8 loop at the bottom and tie one or more dropper loops in the rig. By twisting the leader (rolling it in your fingers) you can make the dropper branch arms stiffer and and help it stand out tfrom the backbone of the rig. This technique needs a little practise, however helps reduce tangles with the hook and baits.

Keep the traces shorter than the distance between the droppers to avoid tangles. If you are fishing very rocky territory, use a section of lighter mono to attach the sinker at the bottom of the trace.

The sinker is placed at the bottom of the rig as it is designed to be fished straight up and down and it is the best rig to ensure the angler keeps in contact with the baits at all times.

It’s best used with circle hooks but can be used with standard hooks if targeting specific species. This rig can be used on a wide range of species - from baitfish using tiny hooks and light mono to Hapuka and Bass that may reach up to 80kg or more. It is also a good rig for children who are beginners as it is less likely to snag than a strayline rig for example.

When using circle hooks allow the fish to catch itself. If you strike the fish with a circle hook you will often just yank the hook from the fish’s mouth. Allow the rod tip to bounce up and down, then wind the handle of the reel to keep the line tight, this will roll the hook into the side of the mouth and you’re hooked up.

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