Two New Black Magic Game Lures (2000)

As their names suggest the lures have been developed in conjunction with Rick Pollock
aboard Pursuit and Bruce Martin of Predator fame. Both these boats and skippers need
no introduction 10 the local fishing fraternity having been consistent performers over
many years. Bruce Martin and Predator are based in the Bay of Islands and is a
dedicated game fishing boat while Whakatane is the home port of Pursuit from where
Rick fishes the likes of the Ranfurly Banks and White Island, moving north over the peak
of the game season to join Predator at the likes of North Cape and the Three Kings. The
Jellybean has proven itself to be a universal lure. Its smaller diameter means it will
attract the likes of albacore, mahimahi, skipjack tuna, school yellowfin, kingfish and even
large skipjack. Rick says its performance over such species can be enhanced if the skirt
is given a 'haircut' shortening it by several inches.
Leaving the skirt its original length creates an excellent marlin lure which has accounted
for a good number of striped marlin and well as several blues. It has also caught larger
yellowfin and shortbill spearfish, its length and diameter mimicking saury well. Another
feature of the Jellybean is its weight. The lure lends itself to rough days where in Rick's
words it 'hangs in well' when other similar sized lures are phased out due to the
conditions. Its bullet shaped head makes it suitable for high speed trolling and inside
On a recent trip to Tonga for the Tongatapu International tournament I was able to run
the Pursuit Jellybean over a variety of conditions. Day One was us fishing in up to 20
knots of breeze, not much fun in a 4.75 metre boat! However the Jellybean ran well in
the rough and on the following two days when the wind dropped out to nothing we able
to get out to a sea mount some 23 miles away where the Jellybean accounted for
several small tuna and a respectable wahoo, the latter being lost after a frenzied shark
attack. The Jellybean also attracted several mackerel tuna of one to two kilos and was
certainly the most attractive lure in the pattern we were offering. It is available pre-rigged
on 400lb mono trace with a double hook rig attached.
While the smaller Jellybean has caught blue marlin, conversely the Predator Blue has
caught yellowfin down to 20kgs. Designed primarily as a splashy big blue marlin lure,
hence its name, the Predator Blue imitates a fleeing skipjack tuna with lots of splashing
and action. Bruce says it is his favourite dark lure which he uses in a variety of
situations. In calm conditions, it is run off the long rigger back in the sixth wake while in
the rough it goes on the long flat line in the fourth wake. It is fished on a minimum of 7 .5
metres of trace and the line angle set so that the swivel is just clearing the water. Bruce
favours a 60 degree double hook stiff rig with 12/0 open gape hooks for blue marlin and l
IKJ's for striped marlin. The hooks are run upwards in line with the dark head colour and
the trace is fixed in the head with a toothpick so they are evenly offset either side of the
lure's centre. The Predator Blue is also effectively used as a teaser without hooks when
livebaiting or saltwater fly fishing.
When lure fishing if the Blue is attacked by a smaller marlin which does not hook up,
after a second bite it is pulled in bringing the fish to a smaller lure or the pitch bait.
Because of its size the lure is attached to the rigger with a size 32 rubber band wound
tightly 12 times and with both ends of the band held by the clip. The strike drag is set
with just enough weight to pull the lure through the water off the rod tip. Black Magic are
presenting the Predator Blue pre-rigged to Bruce's specifications on its new blue 600lb
leader material and a donation will be made to the Child Cancer Fund for each Jellybean
and Super Plunger sale. Two other lures, the Fugly and the Green Meanie are due to be
released on the market next month.

December 2000
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