Ladies 3kg Kingfish Record (2001)

Amanda is the daughter of Orewa's Gavin Spaabaek whose name is in the records for a 15.4kg kingfish on one kilo line. Dad and daughter aboard Saracen started the day out at Anchorite Rock. When that failed to fire they ventured closer in to Tiripunga where a livebait kahawai was put over the side.

It was not long before this was swallowed by the kingfish which was among a good school cruising in the vicinity of the rock. Initially the fish took the anglers about a kilometre out to sea and then turned back to the school. Gavin says they just had to follow and were lucky that the fish stayed about a hundred metres off the main rock itself rather than return to the foul ground surrounding it. Of the capture, which took just under three hours, Amanda says her dad was the more nervous. "I told him a short way into the fight after he had been giving me lots of 'advice 'you drive the boat, I'll take care of the fish"', Amanda says.

And she did! The 14-year-old Orewa College student fought the fish like a veteran and only after two hours did she resort to a shoulder harness, a special Maverix Rods model designed specifically for light tackle fishing. Once the harness gave her extra support Amanda started making good gains on the kingfish. The drag was tightened up from around l .5kgs to 2kg allowing the fish to be gently planed up to where Gavin could get a good gaff shot. While the fight was a long one, it mostly went to plan. The only hiccup came when a large launch cruised up to see what was happening the kingfish was right under it. Although her arms 'hurt' for two days after it, Amanda has not been put off suck battles and is eyeing the ladies eight kilo record of 25.4kg as well as wanting to land a snapper over the 9.1kg (201b) mark.

This fish was not her first shot at the 3kg record, which stood for 28 years. She recently played a kingfish near Kawau estimated in excess of 15kgs for over an hour before breaking it off. For the record Amanda was fishing with a Maverix fully rollered four kilo rod, Daiwa SL20SH reel, Black Magic IGFA rated three kilo line, Black Magic 6/0KS hook and Black Magic 80lb supple trace.

March 2001 - Grant Dixon
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