Black Magic Braid Review & New Products (2007)

Black Magic continues to produce new and useful products for kiwi fishos Sam Mossman reviews Black Magic Black Braid and Black Magic announces the release of their waist pack and a tackle storage option.

The main problem with doing ‘tackle tests’ is time. 

Often new products are supplied for trial, and while they can be used a time or two and general performance assessed, deadlines and marketing requirements often mean judging long-term performance is not part of the mix. I am pleased to say that this is not the case with Black Magic’s Black Braid. I have been using samples of the 10 and 15kg product for over a year now and am very happy with the results.Available in lineweights 4, 6, 8, 10 and 15kg, the Black Magic product is an interesting line. It comes in packs of 10 connected 100m spools, allowing buyers a wide choice of lengths to suit their requirements.

I may have this wrong, but it appears to me to be a true braided line, but with some form of hard-wearing coating that helps it maintain a round section. It is a little springier than a ‘true’ braid, which makes it ideal for use on spin reels, and I’ve also used it on overheads with no problems, as it does not tend to bite into itself as some uncoated braids do. 

Maintaining a rounder cross-section than an uncoated ‘true’ braid, allows for a higher knot strength, better abrasion resistance and better ‘castability’, according to Black Magic. Certainly the lack of stretch gives exceptional sensitivity, while the thin diameter reduces water drag, allowing lighter lures or sinkers to sink faster. This makes braid lines a powerful tool for anglers – in fact I seldom use nylon monofilament (except for leaders) at all these days.  I recently put some of the 10kg line over a line tester and found that the mean breaking strain from five tests was 18.14kg – getting on for double what the label says. This brings up the point that pretty much all ‘braids’ over-test substantially, rated this way to allow for the poor knot strength inherent in dyneema/gel-spun polyethylene lines. In fact, with care I managed to tie 98% knots in the Black Magic braid.

I rigged a light spin reel with 10kg Black Magic Braid, while a Black Magic BSX overhead reel received a load of 15kg. Over the last year I have used the lines for a wide range of day-in, day-out frontline fishing, including soft plastic work, straylining, jigging and bottom fishing. I have caught some nice fish (considering the tackle it was fished over), without breaking the braid once. Victims have included tope to about 25kg, kingfish to 15kg, some big rays, a heap of snapper to around 7kg, various medium-sized ‘puka, and a wide array of lesser species. I did get done by a big beast off Whakatane, a ‘puka I think, but it was the leader that went, not the braid. There have been no unexpected bust-offs so far.

Over the test period the line has worn very well; it seems in excellent shape and ready for another year of action. A good product at a reasonable price – what more can you ask for?

New Product - Black Magic Waist Pack

Black Magic Tackle has introduced a waist pack for fishermen who fish streams, beaches and rocks and may move some distance from their vehicle or tackle stash. 

The Waist Pack features an adjustable waist strap, breathable padded back, a high capacity divided main compartment, a zippered front pocket that will take a standard pocket utility box, hidden side pockets, front mesh pockets and multi-purpose nylon D-rings. All fittings are corrosion-proof.

Black Magic tackle storage options

New from Black Magic tackle is a range tackle storage options. They are compatible with the popular Black Magic Tackle Packs and Tackle Bags, or as stand-alone items.

Two different-sized packs feature a number of clear, heavy-plastic box sections that keep jig, popper and minnow hooks from tangling, and anglers safe from hooks. Velcro closures secure the ends. 

A second system is a wallet style, designed to take pre-made rigs and soft-plastic baits. Heavy slide-lock bags contain the tackle items and are in turn secured into the wallet with opening cable ties, allowing more bags to be added or removed. All fittings are corrosion-proof.

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