Product Round Up (1991)

If the hook is not the right shape for the type of fishing being done, the hook-up rate canbe severely affected. If the hook is not sharp enough, it's unlikely to penetrate the bony
mouth most fish possess, also severely affecting the hook-up rate. If the hook is not
strong enough, cancel out both of the above as even if a solid hook-up does happen, the
hook could straighten out.

Great for conservation of the fishery, but not too good if the fish was intended for the
table. It has long been the mistaken belief of many fishos that top quality terminal tackle
(hooks, lures, swivels and line) were only necessary for gamefishing or when chasing
big fish. This is very true for gamefishing as when the money invested in a boat, fuel to
run it and rods, reels and a host of other things is taken into account, it doesn't really
make a whole lot of sense to risk losing a good fish through skimping on a few dollars on
one of the most important links between angler and fish, great as in gamefishing, but
they are never the less, considerable.

Thankfully, terminal tackle manufacturers cater to all fishos budgets, starting with low
priced hooks which are more than adequate for estuary and inshore fishing for smaller,
less aggressive species, up to the fairly expensive big game hooks which if connected to
strong enough line, could pull up Atlantis. In between these two extremes, lays the Black
Magic hooks, new to NZ and only available at the moment through the two Fisherman's
Warehouse stores at Takapuna and New Lynn, Auckland. Black Magic hooks are
available in a number of different styles and sizes from hooks ideally suited to cut bait
fishing, to hooks more suited to fishing whole dead baits up to live bait styles.
Regardless of the style of the hook, all Black Magic hooks have a couple of things in
common - they are incredibly sharp straight out of the packet, and they are incredibly
strong straight out of the factory. As should be expected, Black Magic hooks are coated
black to afford the high carbon steel, from which they are made, ample rust protection.
The high carbon content steel used to make Black Magic hooks will rust, even with their
protective black coating, but, in order to obtain maximum strength, high carbon steel is
the way to go.

Although they will still retain a needle-sharp point even with a little surface rust on them,
a spray once in a while with CRC will prevent this. On. the positive side, if a hook is left
in a fish through either it being tagged and released or through it breaking the angler off,
the hook will corrode away in a fairly short time allowing the fish to carry on unhindered.

Black Magic hooks are available in four pack sizes. Distributed by Fisherman's
Warehouse, 75 Barrys Point Road Takapuna and 5 Portage Road New Lynn.

January 1991 - Steve Sneddon
New Zealand Fishing News Magazine.
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