Boat Ramp Reviews


Te Kouma Boat Ramp Review
January 2023

Te Kouma's Sugarloaf boat ramp is reviewed... Read More >

Ramp Review - Manu Bay
December 2022

Grant Dixon reviews the Manu Bay boat ramp in Raglan... Read More >

Port Tarakohe Ramp Review
November 2022

A review of the boat ramp at Port Tarakohe - Golden Bay's Gateway... Read More >

Whanganui Boat Ramp
September 2022

The Whanganui Manawatu recreational fishery is one of the ‘hidden gems’ that can be found around our coastline.... Read More >

Nelson Boat Ramp Review
May 2022

The top of the South Island is fortunate to have several access points to some amazing fishing and boating activities as good as anywhere in New... Read More >

Houhora Boat Ramp Review
February 2022

One of the major gateways to access the great fishing in the Far North is via the Houhora boat ramp.... Read More >

Opua Ramp Review
December 2021

Being part of the Opua marina, this boat ramp is adjacent to a wide range of services, and is one of the better gateways to the... Read More >

One Tree Point Ramp Review
September 2021

Grant Dixon reviews the One Tree Point boat ramp in Whangarei Harbour, and also shares a few fishing spots that are easily accessible from the ramp.... Read More >

Eastern Beach Boat Ramp Review
August 2021

We review the Eastern Beach Boat Ramp, which can be found in East Auckland.... Read More >

Top Tips for Boat Ramps
June 2021

Grant Dixon discusses boat ramp etiquette and provides some tips on how to launch and retrieve without losing friends.... Read More >

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    Bob the Prawn - School Speech Converted

    28 January 2023

    WIN 1 of 2 copies of Bob the Prawn by filling in your details below... An ┼îmokoroa boy Aedan Smart who turned his Year Four school speech...

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    Bay of Islands Fishing Report - 26/01/23

    Hit and miss It’s been tough finding the fish. I’ve had a few days out... Read More >

    Bream Bay Fishing Report - 26/01/23

    Action slowing down The fishing throughout Bream Bay has slowed generally over the past fortnight,... Read More >

    Canterbury Fishing Report - 26/01/23

    Rivermouth action going off! I’m almost scared to jinx things, but the weather has been... Read More >

    West Coast Surfcasting Fishing Report - 26/01/23

    Tough fishing to kick off the year Unfortunately, there wasn’t a great start weather-wise to... Read More >

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