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This section of The Fishing Website contains a number of articles from experienced anglers and respected fishing journalists. In particular thanks to New Zealand Fishing News and Trade-a-boat for their contribution to articles in this section.

We've a wide range of boat reviews and in the event reading one of those tempts you to see what's available then check out the Trade-a-boat database available online through The Fishing Website 24/7.

Experts explain techniques to improve your catch rate in our 'How To' section.

There's a summary of New Zealand's major sportfish species including where and when to catch them. We also have a section bought to you by Mustad, with detailed information on methods, rigs, knots and techniques for catching our favourite saltwater species including snapper,  kingfish,  terakihi, john dory, blue cod, kahawai, trevally, gurnard, blue moki, hapuku, bass, bluenose & trumpeter.

And if they didn't all get away then check the recipes from experienced seafood chefs in our Cooking section.

Thinking of a trip with a fishing guide or chartering a boat?  Check out our Charter section for our listings of some of New Zealand's most experienced operators.

Our destinations cover some of New Zealand's better  fishing locations and is an area we will be expanding over this year.

Thanks to the sponsorship of Maui Jim sunglasses we're able to bring you some handy Hints and tips.

For a review of things fishing related ranging from the latest secret weapons to books and DVD's check out our Reviews section.

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