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Latest News

TFO Impact fly rods

18 November 2017

Travelling anglers will appreciate the advantages of a four-piece rod.

Edge PE 8x Braid and PE 16x Hollow Core Braid

17 November 2017
Edge’s eight-strand woven polyethylene braid features virtually no stretch and great knot strength....

Penn Regiment rods

16 November 2017
The new Penn Regiment Inshore-Black Ops rods feature blanks made with inner and outer spiral-wrap layers of carbon fibre...

Flutter Jigs - new colours

15 November 2017
Black Magic’s Flutter Jigs are designed to create a ‘flutter’ effect when dropped and retrieved, and a...

Lowrance Launches Hook2

14 November 2017
New HOOK 2 Sets the Standard for Ease of Use and Affordability ...

Latest Articles

Kayak fishing light line techniques

November 2017

Kayak maestro Stephen Tapp goes back to the future, leaving the anchor at home and dropping to lighter line  – and gets his just deserts!

Setting up your boat for sportfishing

November 2017
Few people get another shot at ‘fine-tuning’ a sportfishing trailer boat. Grant Dixon checks out Tony Orton&...

Kayak fishing berleying techniques

November 2017
It seems that kayaks, berley and sharks make a bad recipe; Herb Spannagl provides his thoughts on leaving the last ingre...

Surfcasting - Planning the trip part 1

November 2017
This is the first of a two-part article by Andy Macleod, where he first hatches a plan and then (hopefully) executes it....

Trout fishing the stonefly nymp

November 2017
Anglers tend to use small-sized nymphs, but Tony Orman argues that larger nymphs can be very efficient too – espec...

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