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Latest News

Anglers Mate rock rod spike

29 March 2017

Anglers Mate rock rod spike is made from heavy-gauge stainless steel, allowing anglers to conveniently and safely secure their rod when fishing from the rocks

Garmin touch-screen GPSMAP

28 March 2017
Available in 7” (752xs) and 9” (952xs) models, these touchscreen GPSMAP units are equipped with 1kW traditio...

Great job opportunity at Dive Fish Snow Holidays

27 March 2017
Here is a great opportunity to mix your passion with your work. ...

Fines up to $20,000 for collecting toheroa at 90 Mile Beach

26 March 2017
Fisheries officers are appealing to the public to ensure they’re up to speed with the rules around collecting tohe...

Komodo Baitcast Reels

25 March 2017
Komodo low-profile baitcasting reels feature: a stainless-teel main gear and pinion gear......

Latest Articles

Didymo and south island rivers

March 2017

Didymo, scientific name Didymosphenia geminate, is a diatom, a major group of algae. North Island anglers don’t know how lucky they are not having it, and I hope this luck continues to hold, because it’s one invader no one wants.

Surfcasting tips for beach and rock

March 2017
Surfcasting and rock fishing are the two main branches of the land-based saltwater fishing scene in New Zealand.There ar...

Snapper Pie

March 2017
A beautiful snapper vegetable pie, perfect for lunch or dinner!...

How to catch Blue Cod

March 2017
We might be able to hear the reactive screeches of outrage from up here; Mark Kitteridge, a JAFA (Just Another Friendly ...

Catching Snapper on lures

March 2017
Keen lure fisherman John Eichelsheim won’t be limited by fishing for snapper with just the standard soft-plastics ...

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