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NT swivel and Ten Mouth fishing tackle
3 August 2015

From Japan come 89 new connection solutions. ... Read More >

Catch Dominator Micro Jigs
2 August 2015

Micro jigs allow the angler to imitate small, wounded baitfish.... Read More >

Invercargill Hosting S.I.'s only Boat Show
1 August 2015

After a successful boat show in 2014, this year's show in Invercargill, the only... Read More >

Fishing Shows this weekend
31 July 2015

Fishing and Adventure 5pm-5.30pm on PRIME  Saturday 1st August Scott an... Read More >

NZ Fishing News, August edition
30 July 2015

In this issue we cover off several great news stories: a marlin on the first day... Read More >

It’s good news, baby!
29 July 2015

When keen Wellington fisherman Andy and partner Chantal wished to announce the f... Read More >

Daiwa Catalina Spin Reel
28 July 2015

The Catalina is Daiwa’s second-tier heavy-duty reel after the Saltiga, but... Read More >

Rise film festival touring NZ
27 July 2015

Fly fishing’s most celebrated annual event, the RISE Fly Fishing Film Fest... Read More >

Humminbird HELIX 7 wins at ICAST
26 July 2015

Humminbird HELIX 7 wins the "Best of Electronics" award at ICAST ... Read More >

Fishing TV Shows this weekend
25 July 2015

Big Angry Fish makes a return with a new series starting on Sunday and it's the ... Read More >

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