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Fishing reports and regular fishing updates from many areas around New Zealand and the Pacific Islands are posted by a number of charter operators, fishing guides  and others on our main reports section.

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Latest Reports

Manukau West Coast Fishing Report 110817

11/08/2017  in Saltwater reports

I’m not a big fan of fishing the west coast in winter but maybe that needs a re-think....

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Hauraki Gulf fishing report 110817

11/08/2017  in Saltwater reports

If the wind is in the south west and there is an outgoing tide you will find that the northern side of Rangitoto will be quite shelter and the pleasing thing is this winter there have been a lot more sign showing up in the 8-12 meter area...

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Wellington Fishing Report 100817

10/08/2017  in Saltwater reports

Over the last few weeks fishing has been getting better by the day with both the West and South Coasts plus the Harbour showing clear signs of spring fishing. 

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Upper Hauraki Gulf fishing report 010817

01/08/2017  in Saltwater reports

It's alive out there people! 

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Hauraki Gulf fishing report 280717

28/07/2017  in Saltwater reports

I know I must starting to sound like a broken record but the turnaround in the number of fish in the inner harbour is quite outstanding.

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Manukau and West Coast Report 250717

26/07/2017  in Saltwater reports

Gurnard are in great condition and they will most likely be your main catch. I found them mostly in 10m on an...

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North Hauraki Gulf Report 240717

24/07/2017  in Saltwater reports

What a difference a week makes. After struggling to catch modest numbers of snapper earlier, I joined Josh Darby and his buddy Eli on a lure-fishing expedition, and wow what a great day...

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Hauraki Gulf fishing report 170717

17/07/2017  in Saltwater reports

Patchy in the shallows... 

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Hauraki Gulf fishing report 140717

14/07/2017  in Saltwater reports

Snapper head for shelter before and during a storm hiding behind islands rocks and reefs, they feed prior to the storm for sustenance and after because they are scavengers...

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Wellington Fishing Report 140717

14/07/2017  in Saltwater reports

The usual spots between the harbour entrance and Cape Terawhiti are producing good grouper and bass, along with cod and tarakihi in closer.

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