10 reasons to visit Vanuatu

  • To escape the New Zealand and Australian winter!
  • To catch blue marlin, giant trevally, dogtooth & yellowfin  tuna, wahoo and mahimahi.
  • To dive the SS President Coolidge.
  • To see the giant banyan trees.
  • To have the adrenalin rush of abseiling down a waterfall.
  • To experience the cultural ceremonies and dances on many of the remote island of Vanuatu.
  • To parasail over the Mele harbour.
  • To see the bungee jumpers on the island of Pentacost.
  • To snorkel and swim on remote pristine beaches.
  • To visit a live volcano on Tanna island.


Mahimahi fishing in VanuatuVanuatu is less than 3 hours by plane from Auckland and is made up of a series of 83 islands which ascend out of the phenomenal depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Perched on the edge of the Pacific plate, there are seamounts that rise to within 5m of the surface from depths of 1000m and you can be in over 1000m of water within 1km of the shore.

That means that there's some excellent pelagic fishing practically on your doorstep when you're in Vanuatu.

You can choose to stay in Port Vila and take advantage of the wonderful opportunities there, or from the island of Santo where you can enjoy some awesome fishing and hospitality.

There is good charter infrastructure in Vila and a reasonable selection of larger boats. On Santo there are more limited options and it pays to do some research as businesses come and go, but there are a number of ex-pat operators with trailer boats who will give you a great day out on the water.

Dogtooth Tuna on a popper in VanuatuVanuatu is home to at least six species of billfish; broadbill swordfish and short-billed spearfish (however, these are quite rare),sailfish, plus striped, black and blue marlin, which are common.

You'll also be likely to encounter yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi , wahoo, Spanish mackerel, dogtooth tuna, coral trout, job fish and red bass.

In season, blue marlin congregate along the edge of the trench known locally as “The Marlin Highway”, and on a good day you'll likely have action from several blues which generally fall in thel range from 100-400kg. Dogtooth and sailfish can get up to around the 90kg mark.

Giant Trevally abound as do skipjack, and those shimmering green dynamos, mahi-mahi. Red bass, coral trout, big job fish, mangrove jack and a host of bottom dwelling species are found in abundance and can provide excellent sport on lighter gear

The FADs (manmade deep water floating rafts) are virtually on your doorstep both in Vila and Santo and provide an amazing array of species and some excellent fishing.

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