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Soft-baiting for kingis on a paddleboard


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Myself and at least 2 other mate's woul...

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Stop the Lockout Launches Petition Against Motiti Fishing Controls

26 February 2020

A petition has been launched by a group of Bay of Plenty recreational anglers who have also launched a website and Facebook group ‘Stop The Lockout NZ’.  Stop the Lockout to prevent the no-take areas around Motiti Island from being implemented. Stop the Lockout have also launched a website and a Facebook page to raise awareness for this issue.

Black Magic Deepwater Slim Jigs

25 February 2020
Black Magic Deepwater Slim Jig range just added five new colours......

Wettie 2mm Kids Spring wetsuits

24 February 2020
Wettie’s multi-purpose spring wetsuits are available in kids’ sizes......

Penn Fathom II Star Drag reel

23 February 2020
The new Penn Fathom II Star Drag reels are tough, versatile......

Kovix Alarmed Trailer Coupling Lock

22 February 2020
The Kovix KTR-18 alarmed coupling lock provides the ultimate security......

Latest Articles

Maxwell Anchors

February 2020

[INVALID] Maxwell winches and anchors have been designed and Manufactured in New Zealand for 50 years and is a world-leading brand today. A brainchild of Graeme Maxwell Cundy, both anchors and winches are reknown for their quality and in the case of anchors, holding power.

Saltwater Flyfishing For Estuary Kingfish

February 2020
Saltwater fly anglers often target the kingfish that swim with stingrays. In a great example of symbyosis, the rays dist...

Bluefish (Girella Cyanea) Profile

February 2020
Bluefish are one of the three species of nibblers found in New Zealand and are, indeed, blue. Irene Middleton provides a...

Volvo D4, D6, IPS And Aquamatic DPI Review

February 2020
The Volvo Penta D4 and D6 boat packages are put through their paces by John Eichelsheim. Easier boating is the goal, and...

Softbaiting The Wash

February 2020
Softbait fishing in the wash around structure is very effective for catching big snapper and other popular NZ inshore sp...

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