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You'll find fishing reports, fishing tips, fishing charters and plenty of fishing advice, hints and techniques on everything from snapper fishing to gamefishing on The Fishing Website. New Zealand has world-leading striped marlin and yellowtail kingfish fisheries as well as superb recreational fishing for snapper, kingfishkahawai, terakihi, trevally, blue cod, john dory, gurnard, hapuku & bass, trout & salmon. If you have a fishing question or want to check out what fellow fisho's think on a particular fishing topic, visit our fishing forums.


Matt Watson's team rescue a caught up kingi


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Daiwa Saltiga 5000h
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Biodegradability of lures should be mandatory imo!
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CZone answers call for entry-level digital switching solution with the new Contact 6 PLUS system.

17 September 2019

BEP Marine Business Leader Jarrod Sagar believes the complete Contact 6 PLUS and Waterproof Keypad offering is a turning point for digital control and monitoring in the market

Daiwa Kohga MX

15 September 2019
Daiwa’s new Kohga MX rods are designed specifically for use with Kohga Bayrubber free lures when targeting snapper...

New Bradley Smart Smoker

14 September 2019
The Bradley Smart Smoker features innovative iSmoke Technology that allows you to connect with and control the smoker fr...

Swiza knives

13 September 2019
The Swiss have a reputation for manufacturing good knives and the Swiza brand is no exception......

The new CZone and Humminbird Integration

12 September 2019
Check out Humminbird and CZone's new integrated interface system. You can now manage your onboard electrics and monitor ...

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Caring for a kayak catch

September 2019

With climate change, temperatures are on the rise, and this places a much greater emphasis on caring for the seafood we have gathered, writes Rob Fort.

Squid fishing technique

September 2019
It is very easy to relax and switch on auto-pilot with your fishing especially when the winds calm and you have a pleasant day or night. However, to get the best results while eging, you need to ...

Ultimate 18C boat review

September 2019
Sam Mossman hurried down to Tauranga to trial an Ultimate 18 C in the face of an incoming storm front…...

Catch with care

September 2019
How good a piece of fish tastes on the plate comes down to how well it is handled – from the moment it’s cau...

Bait fishing tips

September 2019
Editor Grant Dixon’s fishing focus in recent times has been based around lures – both soft- and hard-bodied ...

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