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Blue Water boat

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Topic: Blue Water boat
Posted By: JBoffshore
Subject: Blue Water boat
Date Posted: 28 Aug 2003 at 8:57pm

has anyone seen bluewater magaizines new boat? a blackwatch 34 or 36. bloody awesome. got all the kit in the world on it. i have been on a 26 blackwatch and its a killer of a boat. no pounding at all and seems like it could handle anything.


Posted By: Kerren
Date Posted: 28 Aug 2003 at 9:16pm

yeah BM!!...she certainly is a jolly wee ship (read: fish destroyer).

You do pay plenty more for all those extras thou! 

I am Kermit, Leader of Muppets Nov 05

Posted By: obald
Date Posted: 28 Aug 2003 at 10:08pm

The BW 40 ain't bad either. If you gave me a Cabo 43 I could see my way to hanging to that. A Berty between 38 and 45 foot could find a place in my life.....

BUT - I'm happy with what I've got. I certainly haven't caught all the fish 'Surprise Surprise' is capable of raising yet. Only a few more months and we can start trying to winkle Mr Stickface out of his hidey holes.


Posted By: JBoffshore
Date Posted: 29 Aug 2003 at 6:08pm

well im half way to gettin my dad to get a 14'6 so i can go out and catch some monsters.....dont fancy my self heading out for a beakie tho. what would be a good price for one of these in good condition but not too new?


Posted By: Wefaknis
Date Posted: 01 Sep 2003 at 3:27pm

BM, ask Andrew.


Posted By: Mr Bean
Date Posted: 01 Sep 2003 at 3:59pm
Hey there Big Moocher. I paid about $6200 for my Ramco Seeker, could have got cheaper deal I suspect but got quite a few extras included like life jackets, fish finder etc and the outboard looked tidy and was fairly new. Have probably spent another 1-2k on it to get it how I want it. Got a VHF (cheap insurance!!) aqualisers (if you have a tinny get these best investment you will ever make) permatrim (pretty good but not essential) and built a new floor for the back and front and covered it with some marine carpet I got off some guy real cheap......looked real dodgy to....think it fell off the back of a truck
I don't go miles out but I do go to some pretty remote areas from time to time and in those times it is GOOD to feel confident in your boat.
If ya wanna come check out mine, see what I done to it etc feel free to pm me, ask me nicely and I'll take you out for a fish and you can see if its what you want. For me it is the perfect sized boat right now...can launch retreve myself any where and can access many places up north that bigger boats can't get to.

Posted By: empty
Date Posted: 01 Sep 2003 at 8:24pm
bm    if ur looking for a 4.5 mtr tinnie with most of everything pm me

what happened to the pissing man?

Posted By: Dead Ant
Date Posted: 02 Sep 2003 at 3:46pm
     Gotta love those purpose built game boats - I always try to get on board the Black Watches at any of the shows and have a good fossick around looking for ideas. The last one I saw had the latest Simrad Depth Sounder that mapped in 3d with GPS interface the bottom and stored it. What it meant was that you could basically survey an area then run over it down the canyons or along the ridges - Just awesome - and only ~60k.
    Reminds me that I need to buy a PowerBall ticket for the weekend!

Posted By: smudge
Date Posted: 02 Sep 2003 at 4:37pm
Yep Andrew them aqualiser thingies well worth it aye.

Posted By: JBoffshore
Date Posted: 03 Sep 2003 at 6:05pm
oh ok thanks guys. i have to pass the year with flying colours before we are going to seriously discuss it is what my dad said. bribery........ it bloody works though hahaha.

Posted By: JBoffshore
Date Posted: 04 Sep 2003 at 8:14pm


just looked at your ad and i think it may be a bit outta the price range but ive got to the end of the year to do additional saving etc so i will get back to you at a later date

thanks much


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