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A day in the life.....

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Topic: A day in the life.....
Posted By: Grounded
Subject: A day in the life.....
Date Posted: 15 May 2003 at 5:37pm

Well conditions were perfect. Kids were at school, I wasn't at work, SWMBO wasn't bowling (!), weather was good, the water was calling so off we went. Uneventful trip to the ramp (Te Toro) and we were in the water within 10 minutes, I couldn't believe it. Set off for a trip to look for fish around Matakawau Point and the fishfinder even worked! No sign of fish at chosen spot so motored back to Clarkes Beach, lots of sign, so dropped the pick in 13 metres of water. It was around 1 hour after full tide and it was belting out, Couldn't hold bottom with 12oz and straylining with various weights produced zilch. Zippo. Nary a bite (squid and bonito for bait). So back to the ramp after a couple of hours (kids to collect) and that is when the fun started. Lessons learned:

Attempting to moor at a ramp which is at 90 degrees to a tide ripping through and forcing you away from the ramp is not fun. Next time beach the bugger and drag it to the ramp.

Putting motors into reverse quickly (to avoid serious collision with ramp) can cause motors to part company with the water if they are not locked down. Advise given by seller of boat was to travel with them not locked so if an obstruction is hit the motors bounce off it. Not so good if reverse is needed.

SWMBO is better at reversing the boat/trailer than I (bugger!)

Cow dung sticks to fibreglass (especially the white stuff) and galvanised steel like the proverbial sh*t to a blanket.

I need more experience fishing fast tides.

All in all, not a bad day, even if we caught nothing. Roll on Monday. Anybody have any views on locking/not locking motors down?


It's a mystery to me
I was a Jerk On Line

Posted By: Lethal
Date Posted: 15 May 2003 at 6:05pm

Hi Grounded

let me know next time your going out i will come with the Camera, you sound like your having a lot of fun........ ........

remembering to lock the Motors down before coming in will become second nature after a while, bit like putting the bungs in.......

if you have two controls one for each motor you should be able to control that boat better than i can control mine........

as for the sounder first dont be leave a thing it is showing you about fish until you know what they really look like on your sounder...... look for reef structures and try fishing up current of the reef, so once you have located a reef workout the way the tide is running at it, then go up current till you think if i drop the anchor here i will drift back so far before the it comes up tight then when i cast a bait out the back it should land somewhere around the bass of the reef........ Read the post Strayline, you should get a few more answers there......

Cheers Lethal

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