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Ali Vs Fy Glass ???

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Topic: Ali Vs Fy Glass ???
Posted By: GoHook
Subject: Ali Vs Fy Glass ???
Date Posted: 02 May 2003 at 1:41pm

After spending months looking at all sorts of different options , kicking hundreds of tyers , getting b**s**d  too by every delaer and his dog , I finaly decided to buy a second hand Fy Glass boat . Obviously this was driven by economic factors ( and the wife wants a trip overseas )  .

However I whould be interested to here pepole's ideas on what is the best for fishing .  Alli ? or  Fy glass ?

does the noise from waves on a Alli effect the fish ?

Is the strength and lightness of Alli the only advantage ?

I know all of you must have your different thoughts , so look forward to a good debate starting .

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Posted By: lalandi
Date Posted: 02 May 2003 at 2:15pm
Cleaning an ali boat is far easier. I use a 6m ali boat to fish shallow water a lot and have found no probs with stealth. Ali boats req less hp to power therefore cheaper to run. easier to customise an ali boat. Ali boats dont go yellow in the sun. No gel coat repairs req. But... you tend to get knocked about more in an ali, in winter they are cold to fish from. Unless it is a pontoon style eg Stabi/No limits etc they are a little tender at rest. They are noisier. I am a little spoilt and have 12 boats to choose from, so I pick a boat depending on the day... but mainly opt for the ali. Willie you should come and see me. 

Posted By: Naki
Date Posted: 02 May 2003 at 3:13pm


My 2 cents worth. I own an ali pontoon and my previous boat was ali as well. If it is a hard out fishing boat then ali wins hands down. Don't have to worry about dings and knocks etc and washing down is easier. Less hp to push them along, but they don't ride as well and are not as quiet and generally less stable at rest.



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Posted By: GoHook
Date Posted: 02 May 2003 at 3:19pm

lalandi  12 BOATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blody hell lucky for some . Or let me guess you are a dealer ?

Good point on the hp did not think of that .

Naki , you from the Naki ? spent 3 years down that way myself .

 am guessing that Ali is better for hard core fish�s and fy glass maybe better as all round family hauler ?

Posted By: Lethal
Date Posted: 02 May 2003 at 3:27pm
when buying a Ali boat you can customise the layout where with Glass your stuck with what you see is what you get...... but true about the ride the heaver the boat the better the ride normally, so with Ali you need to comprimize trim tabs and plainingfins on outboards help keep the bow down but a little less speed is all thats needed in most cases...... a lot lighter to tow so a smaller vehicle is needed where with glass your Auto transmission is going to blow......

Posted By: lalandi
Date Posted: 02 May 2003 at 3:38pm
Nah not a dealer... and I dont think it too appropriate to go into it in detail online, but I can offer you a very good alternative to buying a boat. You can have a twelve boat option too. Check out my profile and follow the link.

Posted By: Tomsta
Date Posted: 02 May 2003 at 3:47pm

Hang on a sec.... when you're talking about glass.... are you talking about glass covered ply???? In my very novice opinion I have found that fibreglass is a lot lighter than ali... therefore is a lot lighter to tow and less horsepower is required when getting along....  however having said this I am talking about straight fibreglass and not glass covered ply..... glass covered ply I would steer well clear of as there are too many things that can go wrong with it.... ie/ply rot......

Staight ply has a few good advantages over ali... for example, it is lighter, quieter, warmer, cheaper to run and easier to fix than ali when holed... ali on the over hand is more robust and less likely to hole, is easier to clean and basically maintainence free apart from the standard wash after an outing....

Lalandi, currently I don't own a boat... you got something either ali or straight glass, with a good motor....12-14 ft, with the right price tag????

The boat itself is not the deciding factor..... its how you use it..... each to there own.... any boat is better than no boat.... as long as it stays a float.....

Cheers TC


Posted By: GoHook
Date Posted: 02 May 2003 at 4:13pm

Lalandi , ahhhhh now I see , had a look at your site and can see how it whould very much work for some , good concept . However have already got the boat and as I live all of 50mts from the boat ramp the conveniance of looking out the window , deciding to go fish and being on the water in 15 min's whould make me a fool to go drive into town to pick up a boat etc .

In saying that have a mate at work who wants to get a boat and I see your concept as been perfect for him I will put him onto your site .

thanks for the tip

Posted By: lalandi
Date Posted: 02 May 2003 at 4:59pm

Yes Tomsta... I have everything you need in a boat for a good price. I dont wish to do any online advertising or deals so you should pm me and check out our operation.   

Willie... good onya.

Posted By: Barrie
Date Posted: 02 May 2003 at 5:22pm
Aloy boats are far lighter than plain glass...they take the knocvks and can be used anywhere. Glass is for comfort but not as servicable as aloy...overnighters...unless you get a 6 meter boat, forget it with aloy. Dive tanks love denting glass and driving up a concrete or rocky ramp makes glass boats have a reel nice pattern on the underside. Glass is harder to insure as they get older. In saying that, wouldnt mind selling the bach and buying a bigger boat...Brenda may not like that idea

Posted By: Kerren
Date Posted: 02 May 2003 at 5:41pm

Lalandi.....feel free to provide a link for these good people....I will leave it with you mate!.......

if you have specific advertising needs then we can talk! in fact that goes for anyone reading is time were this site needs to become self funding as the owners aren't prepaered to invest too much more with seeing a return.

mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]

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Posted By: A C
Date Posted: 02 May 2003 at 5:48pm


          Do you think burgers would sell here ?? 



Posted By: Kerren
Date Posted: 02 May 2003 at 5:54pm

fishermen eat don't they, AC?........I will start a specific thread for this topic next week....I mean it is 5:53pm on a Friday evening and I should have knocked off ages ago!

I am Kermit, Leader of Muppets Nov 05

Posted By: Dead Ant
Date Posted: 05 May 2003 at 6:14pm
Bit late to the thread but my 2 cents worth.

I have a glass boat so am biased straight away however the deciding factor for me was where you do your boating?

I generally launch at Maraetai or the Kaiaua Quarry ramp so there's little danger in knocking the gelcoat etc. The other factors like cleaning, sinker dents, ride and warmth don't really come into it as you can work around all of these. However if you end up bouncing off rocks regularly eg West Coast - Ali's the only way to go.

Posted By: Redfinger
Date Posted: 05 May 2003 at 7:16pm

Ali Boats pluses - light , room , (with exception Lazercraft) hard riding but very functional. Biggest problem = ELECTROLYSIS. iF you think you do not have any - have another look(take floor apart if necessary). If you have any of that little grey jelly - look out.

Glass Boats - heavy to tow , hard on th etow vehicle. Generally better riding (not always) and need bigger motor to power. Pretty to look at but often not set out for sportfishing inside with restricted room.

I often get criticised for the size of mine (quite a smallone) but it is how I use it that counts.


Posted By: Capt Asparagus
Date Posted: 07 May 2003 at 10:33am

I had always promised anyone whowould listen that I would go for an ally boat, for all the reasons listed above. Now i have indeed seen pretty much all the ally options out there, but what have i always ended up getting? Glass. du-oh!

Ohwell....the reason why? They are nicer to be around. Nicer to touch. Nicer to be in the water in. Looks better so when you are not out fishing in them, they are nicer to give a cuddle too... all that sorta stuff.

As for not having as much fishing space in them.. well, if you are talking boats like rayglasses etc well, perhaps so, but man, look at the cockpit in my challenger 680... room to spare, so that also depends on the model you look at.

for a boat that is not only for fishing, but also has to do family work, glass is way better, more user friendly.

Anyhow, those are the points i have always found to be convincing when buying, as opposed to looking at, boats.

cheers, Stu.

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