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Hollow pockets in Trevally fillets

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Printed Date: 26 Feb 2024 at 7:30pm

Topic: Hollow pockets in Trevally fillets
Posted By: GregS
Subject: Hollow pockets in Trevally fillets
Date Posted: 14 Nov 2023 at 12:14am

Posted By: GregS
Date Posted: 14 Nov 2023 at 12:18am
I get this condition in Trevally now and then, also not so often in snapper along the spine but not as bad as Trevally, any ideas what it is.

Posted By: Reel Deal
Date Posted: 14 Nov 2023 at 6:39am
It’s what happens when they hold on to farts ….
Seriously I’ve always wanted to know what they are too. Get in snapper too. 

The gods do not subtract from the allotted span of men's lives the hours spent on fishing - Assyrian Proverb

Posted By: MB
Date Posted: 14 Nov 2023 at 8:56am
It's come up before, the best explanation I've heard is barotrauma which is not necessarily related to the most recent capture. Either way, it's nothing to worry about from an eating perspective.

Posted By: GregS
Date Posted: 14 Nov 2023 at 2:08pm
Thanks MB that theory does make sense although Trevs don't seem to show symptoms of barotrauma like snapper do there still could be internal harm going on.
In this instance I trimmed the affected area out as it had a hard feel to it

Posted By: brmbrm
Date Posted: 14 Nov 2023 at 2:21pm
I've often seen one or two holes in a fish but never as much as that

Posted By: krow
Date Posted: 14 Nov 2023 at 7:05pm
I've had it heaps in Snapper lately. Makes filleting more of a challenge.

Posted By: strx7
Date Posted: 22 Nov 2023 at 3:56pm
its called "swim bladder ectasia"  see it quite often in larger trevally and see it a bit 45+cm snapper too

Posted By: GregS
Date Posted: 22 Nov 2023 at 10:38pm
Thanks strx7, goodto have a name for it, I got some understanding when I googled it.
Sounds like the cavities are connected to the swim bladder and form from pressure shock. Nothing I read was sure what caused the pressure trauma or like MB said barotrauma. We caught a few trevs that day and looking down onto the back of the fish they were rounded and fat which indicated good condition.

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