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Customary permits

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Category: Saltwater Fishing
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Printed Date: 29 Sep 2023 at 7:01am

Topic: Customary permits
Posted By: v8-coupe
Subject: Customary permits
Date Posted: 23 Mar 2023 at 8:17pm
And this is why I am so against customary permits.
There are no real controls.
They are open to abuse and regularly are.
If the idiots had not posted for a big raffle on Face-ache, they would probably still be going.
To top it off, home detention yet again. Angry
When it comes to saving the fisheries it should be all in or all out.
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Legasea Legend Member

Posted By: Marligator
Date Posted: 24 Mar 2023 at 7:56am
It is not the abuse of the Customary Permit system that concerned me, it was the fact that Fisheries NZ monitored and allowed them to carry on plundering crayfish stocks for 8 months before they acted. Something fundamentally wrong with our enforcement and judicial system that we need to collect that much evidence before they can act, or is it just incompetence on the part of Fisheries NZ.

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Posted By: Kevin.S
Date Posted: 24 Mar 2023 at 3:07pm
To be fair to the people investigating this we don't know the circumstances, or what they were doing.  It may well be that it went on for so long because they wanted to catch everyone involved, not just pounce on a couple of poachers who might then have got a small fine for one-off offending.  But the long investigation seems to have netted a large number of people involved in this enterprise, which is a good thing.  No mention of recovering the money they made under the proceeds of crime act, I'd definitely like to see that happen -maybe it will, they have to be found guilty of the crime first I suppose.  It does seem a painfully long time, but getting enough evidence to convict that number of people can't be easy.

Posted By: Pcj
Date Posted: 24 Mar 2023 at 6:02pm
And the penalty will be???

Amateur's built the ark. Professional built the Titanic

Posted By: Tonto2
Date Posted: 24 Mar 2023 at 7:46pm
It's home detention and community work. What a complete ****ing joke. 😕😒🤔😞

slowly going where everyone else has already been

Posted By: Kandrew
Date Posted: 24 Mar 2023 at 8:09pm
And will be on the benefit as well

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