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Tongariro Roll Cast Casting Clinic in November

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Topic: Tongariro Roll Cast Casting Clinic in November
Posted By: Rainbow
Subject: Tongariro Roll Cast Casting Clinic in November
Date Posted: 29 Sep 2022 at 12:35pm
“Tongariro Roll Cast” Casting Clinic

With Herb Spannagl

12-13November 2022

For almost 20 years I have been the principal promoter of this very useful Spey cast for upstream nymphing on the Tongariro Rv. and on rivers throughout this country.  The cast needs no introduction and looks easy on videos and when performed by a competent caster on the river.  The reality is different and despite the best intentions most learners have struggled to make good progress without “one on one” tuition.  I have broken this cast down into a four-phase teaching programme, which has worked well for the many anglers who have taken part in my casting clinics I held at the Turangi National Trout Centre.


In the past the Tongariro Roll Cast has been solely used with floating lines for upstream nymphing.  However, the recent development of multi density, Spey profile sinking shooting heads has also made the TRC a great casting option for downstream streamer fishing.  During the last two years I have developed a compacted version of the TRC to cast these sinking shooting heads 80’-90’ with ordinary 9’ rods.  Whilst these lines also cast well overhead wherever there is room for a back cast, the TRC, which requires only minimal back cast room opens up a lot more fishing water for streamer fishing.   


The Tongariro Roll Cast casting clinic will be held at Turangi over a two-day weekend.  Both days start with a demonstration at the Tongariro’s Breakfast Pool, which is just downstream from the Major Jones swing bridge at the end of Koura Street.


Day one (Saturday 9am-4pm) will teach the TRC for upstream nymphing with floating lines and indicators.  Maximum participants 10   Course fee is $90


What to bring:  Eye protection, single hand rod, recommended lines: Rio Indicator (red body) or Rio Indicator Trout/Stealhead line (green body), Airflo TRC Special Line or Rio Gold.  Line weights 1-2 times heavier than rod weight.   Mono leader.   I shall supply a well-treated indicator.


Day two (Sunday 9am-4pm) will teach the Compact TRC for casting sinking shooting heads or Single Spey Skagit heads for downstream streamer fishing.  Maximum participants 10.   Course fee is $90.

What to bring:  Eye protection, single hand rod.  Guideline ULS 3D, anyone of these sink rates: Sink1/3/5, Sink2/4/6 or Sink3/5/7.  Line weight to match rod.   Please bring only “MONO” Shooting lines such as: Rio Slick Shooter, Guideline Compline II, Airflo Impact Running Line, OPST Lazerline, Scientific Anglers Absolute Flat Mono Shooting Line or Amnesia in 25or35lbs breaking strain.  Most of the recommended lines are available at Sporting Life in Turangi.


Course members will receive detailed written TRC information and video links. Participants who like to attend both days enjoy a reduced course fee of $150

Interested anglers can contact me via e-mail mailto:[email protected]" rel="nofollow -  or 06-7533570.

Posted By: Rainbow
Date Posted: 29 Sep 2022 at 12:40pm
Tongariro Roll Cast Casting Clinic

Are you sick of digging wayward globugs out of your fishing jacket?  Have you become gun-shy casting heavy nymphs or need pain killers to last through a long fishing day? With the Tongariro Roll Cast these common annoyances are things of the past. Once you master this great cast you will launch Tongariro bombs in complete safety and cast them distances you never thought possible.  With little back cast room needed you will be able to fish where others cant.  These are just a few of the advantages that this great casting technique offers.  Over the last 20 years this cast has become my go tofishing style for the Tongariro River to the point where I often fish a whole week without making a single overhead cast.    

I have developed a teaching system that breaks this cast down into four phases, which is a great aid to understanding how and why this cast works. With an instructor at your side, you will not only learn each casting phase but more importantly how to fuse them seamlessly together for the final delivery. I have also put together some written material, and videos, which will help you with your progress.       

It is a good idea to bring eye protection and a camera to record important points for future reference. Bring your own lunch.  

This clinic is not an introduction to the wide range of roll and Spey casts. It is entirely focused on giving you a solid foundation of the Tongariro Roll Cast and how this cast can be used for upstream nymphing and downstream streamer fishing.

I look forward to helping you expand your casting horizon with the Tongariro Roll Cast.

Herb Spannagl 

Posted By: Fishb8
Date Posted: 02 Oct 2022 at 2:05pm
Finding it hard to find any shop which has Airflo TRC Special Line  in stock!!

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken

Posted By: Rainbow
Date Posted: 04 Oct 2022 at 11:27pm
Apparently they have sold out but then I have also been told that they are not importing them anymore.    Your best bet is to contact Manic Tackle, the importers.     

Personally I do not own one but have helped a guy with the TRC on my last trip to the Tonga.    He had one and casting with it I found it quite a brute.     The heavy head banged out anything we attached to the tippet.    With the extra thin running line we got really good distance as well.     However, the thin running line is no use for mending so distance is of little help if you cant mend the line once it has landed.

Personally I use a Rio TRout/Steelhead Indicator line, which has  a 70' head and mends at a longer distance.    Its Spey profile head shape is less brutal but because it now only comes in #8 it demands good timing.    Previous models came in #9, which had more mass to dig out globugs.



Posted By: Rainbow
Date Posted: 04 Nov 2022 at 8:54pm
Unfortunately, I have to cancel the proposed November Tongariro Roll Casting clinic as I have been informed by Work Safe that as this is a water-based activity, I need to do a Safety Plan and have that audited all at my expense.    As this was only a "Oncer" I not prepared to go through such a compliance obstacle course.     Add to that any tax liability and the whole thing just isn't worth the bother.

As always there has been quite a lot of interest as the TRC for both upstream nymphing and now downstream wet lining has been a game changer for many trout fishers.     I am really sorry to have to drop this clinic, but this is modern New Zealand.   



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