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Advise on a new VHF radios

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Topic: Advise on a new VHF radios
Posted By: StrayFish
Subject: Advise on a new VHF radios
Date Posted: 18 Sep 2022 at 7:03am
Hi Everyone, 

just looking for some advice on what peoples thoughts about the Cobra MR HH600 DSC? Some reviews state super low volume, if anyone has one is this the case?

I've had a Uniden MHS235 but unfortunately its bit the bullet and doesn't work anymore. Its outside of the warranty as well.

Or any other hand held recommendations? 

Will be used on a kayak, as well as to point out hoping to do a lot more travelling around NZ up North and Coro areas mainly solo missions. Have a PLB as well. 


Posted By: Bounty Hunter
Date Posted: 18 Sep 2022 at 8:57am
icom is considered the 'gold standard' - still manufactured in Japan and well supported by NZ agent

No disintegrations!

Posted By: BananaBoat
Date Posted: 18 Sep 2022 at 2:29pm
the better brand is the icom
whichever you get, I suggest getting the vhf waterproof bag" rel="nofollow -
my handheld is the previous version of your dead one, had it for 5yrs kept in the above bag

Posted By: Keith C
Date Posted: 18 Sep 2022 at 5:12pm
I have the Cobra with GPS and have had no issues with volume or anything else. I like that it connects to my phone via Bluetooth, so I can keep my phone in a dry bag.

Posted By: Schecter
Date Posted: 18 Sep 2022 at 5:43pm
The Cobras are ok.  I've had no volume issues.  The only issue that I've had with them is the antenna.  The salt will find its way under the seal and erode the antenna terminal.  A vhf waterproof bag is highly recommended.   

Posted By: StrayFish
Date Posted: 19 Sep 2022 at 8:22pm
Thanks all, that's good point about the VHF waterproof bag tbh hadn't used one and its probably a good indication of why current one bit the bullet. lesson learnt

Also good to know about the Cobra antenna terminal.  
I like the idea of Cobra per phone call per bluetooth. 

Will need to take a look into Icom handhelds as well. 

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