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Big Easter Day out…

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Printed Date: 12 Aug 2022 at 3:13am

Topic: Big Easter Day out…
Posted By: shaneg
Subject: Big Easter Day out…
Date Posted: 16 Apr 2022 at 11:21pm
Couldn’t go to tutukaka this weekend as my own elderly cat (inherited from my adult daughter who lives with us and who is also away) and my brother’s cat, (brother who went away this weekend), meant I  had the responsibility of cats to feed.

So I fed my brother’s cat at his place before 6.00 am this morning. Then returned home to my boat and truck fully loaded and my wife who today was actually ready on time this morning and ready to rock and roll.

Actually was no  rock and roll… as was calm launching at Leigh around 7.30 am… and as it turned out virtually all day.

Motored out to Hen and deployed four marlin lures and intermitently one skippy lure on light gear. 
Did a big day trolling to around 3pm between Hen and Mokes… well more straight out north really.
Heaps of workups most with lots of dolphins but no marlin some nice skippies though and a big kahawai out wide, so procured some very good gurnard bait. Nice to fillet off on spot and put in bread bags and put straight on ice. Freezer now well stocked for winter kayak fishing.
Only marlin we saw was 2/3rds way back in between Hen and Cape Rodney in 50 odd meters, doing 25 knots on way back in for quick snapper fish. Was close to our boat and also in among a few nearby skippies. Anyway we carried on as I wasn’t keen to redeploy the lures. And the wife had just earlier been telling me there were clearly no marlin in this whole area and it was a was waste of time trolling out from Leigh, so her seeing this one was amazing and very satisfying for me, even if I missed it.

Similarly half an hour later after berating me for not being able to get on to the snapper and nothing being on our fish finder… at the last roll of dice the fish finder filled up and we took a dozen nice snapper (wife even got  few between 50 and 60cm) in short order on jigs and sliders, the lures being taken aggressively on drop which was cool. Hard not to catch a fish.

Back at Leigh ramp just on dark, and good trip home with hardly any traffic.  Once home had nice  lamb steak dinner, cooked by my fishing companion of the day, and a few glasses of my best red wine… as in last bottle left. 
Boat to be washed down tomorrow with rest of gear, plus dozen nice snaps presently on ice to fillet. Hoping wife will help, but suspect she’ll be busy taking filets to mother in law.
I will sleep well tonight!

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